Thursday’s dailies focus on Turkish president Erdogan’s remarks on latest interest rate cut, aftermath of military aircraft crash in eastern Turkey and further details on 'Shah Firat' operation in Turkey's Syrian exclave.

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The majority of Thursday's newspapers dedicated their front pages to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s remarks on interest rate cut, the aftermath of a military aircraft crash in eastern Turkey and additional details on the 'Shah Firat' operation this past weekend in Turkey's Syrian exclave. 

“Who are you dependent on?” headlined VATAN, referring to Erdogan’s remarks insinuating that the Central Bank was under external influence.

The president renewed his criticism of the Central Bank of Turkey on Wednesday for not reducing interest rates further.

“You are making an independence struggle against us, but are you dependent on some other place?” Erdogan asked during his meeting with the Turkish Merchants and Craftsmen Loan and Bail Cooperatives Union in Ankara. 

The president is known for his strong opposition to high interest rates and his latest comments come as the Turkish Central Bank trimmed its key interest rate by 25 basis points Tuesday. Erdogan previously said that the high interest rate in the country did not help to boost Turkey's growth.

“Erdogan lashed out at Central Bank, dollar has risen,” is HURRIYET’s title. It said that while the president criticized the Central Bank, the dollar rose to 2.49 Turkish liras, from 2.46.

In other news, “Shah Firat operation was risky” VATAN’s title read, citing Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s remarks concerning the Turkish military mission in Syria this past weekend.

The operation, which began late Saturday and ended in the early hours of Sunday, retrieved the remains of Suleyman Shah - grandfather of Osman I, founder of the Ottoman Empire - and sacred relics from Turkey's Syrian exclave in Karakozak village in Munbic, some 37 kilometers away from the border.

At the same time, Turkey secured Ashme, another area in Syria close to the border, which has become Shah’s temporary burial place. The operation involved nearly 600 troops and 39 tanks.

Talking about the details of the operation aboard a plane from Hungary to Turkey on Wednesday, the Turkish prime minister said: “We planned this operation one month ago as a military necessity. It was risky but we took this risk, because we saw a bigger risk.”

MILLIYET ran with the headline “Prayer of gratitude to God at General Staff.” The daily reported that the prime minister prayed to thank God at the General Staff HQ after the operation. It also wrote that Davutoglu claimed that he did not sleep the night of the 9.5-hour operation.

 Newspapers also focused on the funeral ceremonies for the four pilots who were killed on Tuesday in a crash.  

AKSAM headlined “Farewell to sky,” reporting on the funeral ceremony held for the four soldiers in Malatya province. The daily also ran a photo showing the ceremony and crying relatives of the soldiers.

Four pilots were killed on Tuesday evening as two military RF-4E aircrafts lost contact during reconnaissance flights in the Akcadag district of Turkey's southeastern Malatya province.

“They did not crash because the planes were old,” read VATAN’s headline, referring to remarks by Akin Ozturk, commander of the Turkish Air Forces.

During an interview with VATAN, Ozturk said: “I want everyone to know that there is no connection between the ages of the planes and the crash.”

Investigation into the crash is still ongoing. 

In economic news, DUNYA said that 2014 net profit of Turkish Airlines exceeded 1.8 billion Turkish liras ($730 million), referring to remarks by board chairman Hamdi Topcu.


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