Turkish newspapers on Friday report on possible coalition scenarios in Turkey, Greece’s bailout referendum


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Friday’s dailies covered possible coalition scenarios in Turkey following the June 7 general election, as Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu prepares negotiations with other political parties.

“7 June suggested reconciliation to us” was HABERTURK’s headline, quoting Davutoglu.

“I will try to do what the nation demanded,” Davutoglu told Channel 7 TV, the paper reported. “If we cannot come to an agreement I will not be the reason.”

According to the newspaper, Davutoglu hinted contacts with the leaders of the Republican People's Party (CHP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) to sound them out about a possible coalition.

AKSAM said the Justice and Development (AK) Party has created three committees on the economy and the political and legal systems as it prepares for a coalition government.

According to the daily, possible partners’ pledges have been presented to Davutoglu.

“Two tours for coalition” was VATAN’s headline, reporting that Davutoglu will meet with the opposition leaders on two occasions.

The newspaper claimed that trust would be the main criteria of initial discussions with Davutoglu focusing on the most likely coalition partner in the second round.

“First round is inspection, second is offer” was SABAH’s headline.

According to the daily, the premier will meet three opposition leaders from the CHP, MHP and the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in the first round of coalition talks but will only meet with the CHP and MHP in the second round.

HURRIYET claims that a possible AK Party-MHP coalition has gained favor in Ankara after the AK Party’s Ismet Yilmaz was elected parliament speaker.

Turkey’s daily papers also covered Thursday’s 22nd anniversary of the Sivas massacre, an arson attack that killed 35 people in the central Anatolian city.

The victims, mostly Alevi Muslims, gathering in Madimak Hotel for a cultural event were killed when protesters surrounded and set fire to the hotel.

“They have been burning for 22 years” was CUMHURIYET’s headline, reporting that thousands of people gathered where the hotel once stood to remember the atrocity.

The daily reported that Zeynep Altioklar, a CHP deputy whose father was killed in the attack, attended the annual commemorations for the first time. The daily featured a picture of the tearful politician among crowds holding photographs of the victims.

HURRIYET reported that the wife and son of CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu, HDP Co-Chairwoman Figen Yuksekdag and deputies from the both parties attended the ceremony.

In foreign news, Turkish dailies focused on Greece’s forthcoming bailout referendum.

“Greece is not 80s Turkey” was HABERTURK’s headline for an interview with the editor-in-chief of Greek newspaper Efimerida.

Nicholas Voulelis ruled out the possibly of political violence as the country faces a referendum on accepting the austerity measures proposed by Greece’s creditors. He said the situation in Greece could not be compared to the political polarization in Turkey in 1980 that led to a military coup.

“Either ‘no’ or resignation” was VATAN’s headline, reporting that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had called for a “no” vote to the bailout terms demanded by creditors and said he would quit if the country votes “yes”.

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