Turkish dailies covered Tuesday the visit of Twitter executives to Turkey to discuss legal obligations, the visit to headquarters of ruling AK Party by the U.S. ambassador to Turkey, and pro-Russian rebels defying Ukrainian government deadline in eastern Ukraine.


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Turkish dailies on Tuesday dedicated much of their front pages to news about the visit by Twitter management, who met Monday in the Turkish capital, Ankara, with representatives of Turkey's Information and Communication Technologies Authority to discuss concerns over the legality of Twitter's operations in Turkey and the possibility of opening an office in the country.

Daily SABAH's headline read "Twitter came around", reporting on the first meeting between two officials of Turkish Prime Ministry and Twitter's global public policy chief, Colin Crowell, as well as the latter's meetings with officials from Turkey's Information and Communication Technologies Authority and The Presidency of Telecommunication.

SABAH states that Twitter has accepted Turkey's demands and committed to recognizing the decisions to cooperate with Turkish authorities by sharing IP profiles of those posting criminal material on Twitter, despite the social network site's refusal to share IP addresses with the Turkish government during last summer's Gezi Park protests.

Daily STAR writes, "Twitter has renewed relation with Ankara", referring to the importance of Crowell's visit by saying that Twitter first planned to send a "group of experts" to the talks before the elections on March 30, but upgraded the meetings to sending Twitter's second-in-command Crowell and their European chief Sinead McSweeney, after the elections.

In the article, the daily says that these were the first concrete negotiations between Turkey and Twitter, during which the Twitter officials were told why the social network was blocked and why they were compelled to obey the decisions of the Turkish court.

YENI SAFAK ran the headline "#stepbackward" noting that the Twitter officials have entered the Communication Technologies Authority building via a parking garage, adding the negotiation talks lasted four hours, where Turkey wanted Twitter to open an office in Turkey and to pay tax.

"It's entering the cage" daily VATAN claims, quoting a Turkish official as saying, "Twitter is earning $35 million each year through Turkey. It does not pay any taxes. We want Twitter to open an office here, pay taxes and obey the decisions of the Turkish court."

Regarding the meeting with ruling AK Party officials with U.S. envoy Francis Ricciardone, daily MILLIYET ran the headline "a surprise visit from the ambassador". The daily discussed the meeting, where "local and regional issues were discussed in a very nice way", quoting Ricciardone.

The daily stresses that Ricciardone's answered the question of whether the talks had included the U.S.-based scholar Fethullah Gulen, citing him as saying, "We both agreed on the importance of keeping Turkish-American relations in a high level, away from your politics, respectful of Turkish interests and American issues."

Turkish dailies also covered the latest news about pro-Russian rebels defying a deadline issued by the current Ukrainian president by continuing to occupy administrative buildings in eastern Ukraine.

Daily HURRIYET went with the headline, "Occupation of the green men continues," referring to the armed militias in eastern Ukraine and recalling the ultimatum by Kiev's government to initiate counter-terrorism operations if those occupations do not end.

Mentioning that the Russian Su-24 fighter jets were seen buzzing US warship USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea on Monday and that the CIA Chief was in Kiev, the daily states that Ukraine's former president Yanukovych Turchynov proposed conducting joint operations with UN forces.

Similarly, the STAR daily's headline was "Share and come model in Ukraine," giving details of the occupation in eastern Ukraine by pro-Russian groups who built a makeshift tire barricade with signs declaring a ‘People’s Republic of Donetsk’ and decked with flags of the Russian Federation. 

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