Today’s dailies mainly cover soccer club Fenerbahce’s championship, Turkey’s step to build a portable wall on Syrian border and Neo-Nazi rally in Germany.


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Monday’s dailies covered Fenerbahce’s championship win, Turkey’s effort to build a fence along the Syrian border and a Neo-Nazi rally in Germany.

Most Turkish dailies’ front pages on Monday were covered with Fenerbahce’s championship victory, which sealed the team's nineteenth championship following last weekend’s soccer matchs in the team’s favor. “Champion with records,” headlined the HURRIYET daily, adding, “Fenerbahce sealed the championship three weeks before the end of the league. The team broke its record for the third time by sealing the title ahead of end of the league.”

“Well done” trumpeted the VATAN daily headline, while HABERTURK ran with “Holy Championship.”

MILLIYET praised the win with the headline “The most special championship,” stressing that the team's win following the match-fixing scandal which broke in 2011.

Fenerbahce's Chairman Aziz Yildirim and some members of the club were accused of match fixing during the 2010-11 football season. The team was affected by the allegations and suffered losses on and off the field. After a lengthy judicial process, Yildirim was sentenced to six years and three months in prison for match fixing. He is expected to be jailed in coming days if the Constitutional Court rejects his appeal.

Some dailies covered Turkish army’s effort to construct a temporary wall along Syria's border with Turkey near Reyhanli. “Wall on border,” VATAN headlined, reporting, that a wall composed of 3-meter-high blocks is being built to prevent illegal crossings and smuggling. The daily said that the wall will be 8 kilometers long when it is finished, with soldiers on guard. The wall is placed by a truck, thus considered a 'mobile wall', as in the headline from MILLIYET daily, “Temporary wall near Reyhanli.” Reyhanli was the site of a bombing nearly a year ago, on May 11 2013, and is located in the far south of Turkey close to the Syrian border. Many Syrian refugees have passed through the town while fleeing from the civil war. The nearby Cilvegozu–Bab al-Hawa Border Crossing, which is controlled on the Syrian side by rebels, is the busiest crossing point between Syria and Turkey.

Another wall was in the news from Germany, but this time HURRIYET daily headlined a “Wall of friendship.” The daily reported that many Germans build what they described as 'a wall of flesh' on Saturday to prevent Neo-Nazis marching into the town of Kreuzberg near Berlin, where many Turkish-origin people live. The daily stated that Prime Minister Klaus Wowereit thanked the anti-Nazi protesters for defending the town.

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