Turkish dailies covered Thursday the withdrawal of PKK members and Armenian Remembrance Day.


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"Terror issue came to a halt," daily SABAH stated Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as saying following the announcement made by Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) lawmakers about militants' plans to announce a decision to withdraw from Turkey on Thursday. "Turkey has come to the point of ending the issue of terrorism. Western countries will also benefit from this. While nobody dies from bullets and bombs in Turkey, the youth in the West will also not suffer from illicit drugs. When terror ends counterfeiting and piracy will also receive a nasty blow," Erdogan said at a speech he made during the Holy Birth Week (Islamic holy night marking the birth of Prophet Muhammad).      

"No return" headlined daily RADIKAL as Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu indicated that the hardest part of the Kurdish issue solution process was over now. "It's like trying to swim across a wild river. Up until half way you have the option of turning back, but once you have reached half way, you want to reach the other bank no matter it takes. Turning back will not only take longer, but will be riskier as well," the daily quoted Davutoglu as saying Wednesday en route from Brussels to Ankara. Only a massive provocation could turn the process backwards Davutoglu added, warning for such possibility and stating that comments from nationalist leader Devlet Bahceli could be dangerous in that regard.      

"Those disarmed will be trained at Qandil" headlined daily ZAMAN over the plans of BDP to give political training to PKK militants who agree to disarm and retreat at Qandil to allow them to adapt to democratic life, as stated by BDP Istanbul MP Sirri Sureyya Onder. "Nobody will return to their homes. They will all go to Qandil and receive the training," Onder was quoted as saying by daily ZAMAN.      

All eyes are on the militant group to see whether the announcement for the retreat will be made by Qandil Thursday.           

"Great calamity"          

Turkish dailies also covered the commemoration of the 98th anniversary of the tragic events of 1915 by Turkish Armenians and Turkish civil society groups joined with a foreign delegation comprising 20 anti-racist and Armenian representatives from 15 countries. "April 24 went by quiet this year"headlined daily MILLIYET as concern arises every year due to "genocide" claims of Armenians. US President Barack Obama used expression of, "Meds Yeghern" in his address meaning "great calamity" rather than using the word "genocide" according to daily VATAN.      

"Diaspora feeds its people with poisonous honey" headlined daily HURRIYET referring to the words of Turkish Minister of EU and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis on Armenian Remembrance Day. "The foreign Armenian lobby has no relation with Armenia. If they had had, they would not have run after vain hopes while their country was in misery. The diaspora gives honey to Armenian people but that honey is poisonous," Bagis said while in the US.  


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