Turkish dailies covered Monday the solution process, the shootings outside the Italian parliament and Turkey's hosting of an international cycling event


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All the dailies covered the recent developments in the Kurdish solution process. "Six new steps for arms-free politics" headlined daily SABAH outlining six critical steps to take place in parallel to the disarm and retreat of terrorist PKK. The list includes amending the current Anti-Terror Law, amending the Effective Repentance Law to ease the conditions to return home, establishing a "solution commission" in Parliament, finding a third country to settle the leaders of PKK, allowing civil delegations visit Imrali island where PKK founder Abdullah Ocalan is jailed and imposing serious sanctions on public officials to prevent human rights violations during the solution process, according to the daily.      

 "We have shaken the foundations of terror with a velvet hand" headlined daily MILLIYET over the words of Turkish Minister of Labor and Social Security Faruk Celik. "Every blood shed gave birth to new grudges. We can't resolve any problmes with this ideology. We have shaken the foundations of terror extending a velvet hand to citizens," Celik said at a conference on Sunday.           

"Italian crisis"          

Dailies covered the shootings outside the Italian government's headquarters in Rome on Sunday. "Unemployed insanity in Rome" headlined daily YENI SAFAK referring to the attack of a businessmen who was unemployed due to the recession in the country after two months of bitter post-election deadlock. "Italian crisis" headlined daily VATAN where two policemen and a passer-by were wounded in the shooting, about a kilometer away from where Prime Minister Enrico Letta and his minister were taking the oath of office.           

Turkish victory in Presidential Tour of Cycling

Turkish dailies also covered the victory of Musafa Sayar at the 1204 kilometres long Turkey's Presidential Tour of Cycling. "Sugar like victory in cycling" headlined daily ZAMAN over the victory of Turkey's Konya Torku Seker Spor rider Mustafa Sayar, the first Turk in a decade to win the first prize. "Turned the pedal" headlined daily HURRIYET where Turkish President posed on the bicycle and presented the winners their awards at the finish line.      

The 49th edition of the Presidential tour of cycling began in Alanya, a district of Turkey's southern province Antalya and ended in Istanbul.  


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