Turkish dailies covered on Tuesday the doping scandal in oil wrestling, Turkish soccer arch rivals vying for Atletico ace, a Turkish religious scholar awarded a peace prize, and a powerboat death in a southwestern holiday resort


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Turkish dailies cover on Tuesday an oil wrestler found to have used performance-boosting illegal drugs.

Ali Gurbuz, reigning champion of the prestigious Kirkpinar oil wrestling tournament, tested positive for doping on Monday, along with 16 other competitors.

Kirkpinar tournament was held for the 652th time last month, resulting in a victory for Gurbuz, his third in a row.

Daily ZAMAN says Gurbuz will have to return his golden belt and the prizes he received in three years.

"We will declare the second wrestler as the winner, and offer him the money prize," the daily quotes the mayor of Edirne, the northwestern city where the tournament is held.

Turkish dailies also cover Turkish preacher and writer Fethullah Gulen, who has been awarded a peace prize in South Korea.

Daily BUGUN writes Gulen, known as the founder of an international movement for education and interfaith dialogue, accepted the award on behalf of the "volunteers", a name for members of the movement.

The daily says the Manhae Peace Prize was previously awarded to South African anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela and Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama.

Turkish dailies cover a transfer stand-off between two Turkish football teams over a Turkish star midfielder playing for Spain’s Atletico Madrid.

Daily MILLIYET headlines "Arda is why hell broke loose," claiming that a former Fenerbahce head coach resigned because of differences with the administration over the 26-year-old's transfer.

Aykut Kocaman quit his post in May after leading the Yellow Canaries for three years. During his time with the team, they won the league title once and the Turkish Cup twice, the latter they had not achieved in 29 years.

Daily VATAN says Galatasaray, where Arda began his career and played for six years, is makings efforts to convince the Madrid side to get their former number 10 back.

Arda was only 22 when he was made a captain in Galatasaray, one of the major clubs in Turkish football.

Arch rival Fenerbahce is also bidding for the player, the daily says, with an alleged offer by Chairman Aziz Yildirim that pays Madrid 20 million euros for Arda, who gets six million per year.

Turkish dailies also cover a speed boat accident in southwestern Turkey that killed a 27-year-old vacationer.

Daily VATAN says Onder Pervanoglu, nephew of Independent Turkey Party (BTP) leader Haydar Bas, sustained a fatal injury to his head while swimming after a five-meter powerboat passed over him.

Hit by the boat's rotor, Pervanoglu could not survive, the daily says.

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