The Istanbul-based anti-graft operation related news continue to dominate Turkey's media as the frontpages of numerous Turkish dailies show on Wednesday.

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The Istanbul-based anti-graft operation related news continue to dominate Turkey's media as the frontpages of a number of Turkish dailies show on Wednesday. The operation, which commenced on December 17 with the detention of a number of people including several high-ranking bureaucrats, businessmen and politicans, also involves allegations against the sons of three ministers in the cabinet.

Cabinet shuffle on the horizon

Some dailies used the Tuesday remarks of President Abdullah Gul on the operation on their frontpages. Daily Hurriyet, for instance, headlined "We spoke of the cabinet," indicating his meeting with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The daily said that Gul did not reveal what his attitude would be if Erdogan kept the related ministers in the cabinet in the next shuffle. "You will hear of my attitude when the time is right," Hurriyet reported from Gul's statement.

Daily Star, despite covering Gul's remark signalling a cabinet shuffle on its frontpage, brought another remark to the forefront. "There can be no alternative authority within the state," the daily headlined. Star explained this headline with Gul's statement, saying there can be no alternative solidarity or authority other than the state authority in the armed forces, police and legislation. The daily emphasized Gul's statement that "this is the basic rule of the constitutional state."

Daily Haberturk approached the issue in a similar way with Daily Star, headlining "No alternative authority." Among other remarks was Gul's "Corruption cannot be covered up" statement.

Tukish people's reaction to the operation

Daily Yenisafak highlights the thousands of people who welcomed Prime Minister Erdogan at the airport after his return from his Pakistan visit. The daily said, "the most effective response to the operation targeting the government was given by the Turkish people [as tens of thousands of them welcomed the PM]." Yenisafak also shared Erdogan's address to the welcoming crowd, saying, "the December 17 operation is targeted against the national will."

Daily Turkiye also included Erdogan's address on its frontpage, headlining "Operation is directed against the people." The daily emphasizes Erdogan's comment "I hope those who are on the side of the Turkish people will be the winners."

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