Headlines focused on a commission ruling over the case of four former ministers linked to 2013 graft allegations.

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Turkish dailies mostly dedicated their front pages to a vote by an inquiry commission into the alleged involvement of four ministers in a graft scandal in 2013; the body ruled against sending them for trial at a senior Turkish court.

HURRIYET ran the headline "Commission acquitted" as nine AK Party MPs of the 14-member committee voted against and five opposition members in favor of a decision which would have paved the way for a trial.

The inquiry committee began its probe into corruption allegations against former economy minister Zafer Caglayan, former interior minister Muammer Guler, former urbanization minister Erdogan Bayraktar and former European Union minister Egemen Bagis in May 2014.

The first three ministers had resigned, while Bagis was moved in a cabinet reshuffle following the probe.

In December 2013, an anti-graft probe targeted several high-profile figures, including the aforementioned government ministers as well as leading Turkish businessmen.

The government has denounced the probe as a "dirty plot" devised by a "parallel state" headed by U.S.-based preacher Fethullah Gulen and his Hizmet movement.

"No to intrigue," says SABAH reporting that the commission did not fall into the "parallel coup plotters' trap" and had resisted "political and psychological" pressure.

AKSAM ran the headline: "The game has been spoiled", while YENI SAFAK said: "Trap was foiled."

VATAN quoted the commission's head, an AK Party deputy, as saying that he had a "clean conscience" over the decision.

MILLIYET reports that voice recordings of the four ministers, which were used as evidence in the graft probe, will be removed by the commission's decision.

HABERTURK's headline was: "Now, it is on general assembly," a reference to a parliamentary vote on Jan. 29 for the final say over the ministers’ fate.

In other news, Turkish police launched another wave of operations over illegal wiretapping allegations and detained dozens of policemen in mainly southeastern provinces.

"Dawn raid on phone-hacker police," says YENI SAFAK on its front page, as more than 30 officers were detained.

Meanwhile, an army sergeant who was suspected of having been kidnapped by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant militants near the Syrian border on Jan. 1, has been brought back to Turkey.

MILLIYET says "Sergeant rescued," as Ozgur Ors' freedom was announced by Turkish premier Ahmet Davutoglu on Twitter. "National Intelligence Organization found the sergeant," reports VATAN.

Elsewhere, heavy snow caused disruption across Turkey; primary and high schools are off on Tuesday in Istanbul and other eight cities due to the alarming weather forecasts, according to MILLIYET.

A hunter froze to death in the western Turkish city of Kutahya after he went missing in a snow blizzard, YENI SAFAK reports.

In economic news, Turkish inflation figures were announced on Monday and decreased by 0.44 percent to 8.17, beating expectations in the last month of a high-inflation year for Turkey.

HURRIYET says: "Oil benefitted CPI" as the plunge in prices had a role in the decrease of consumer prices.

Newspapers also reported on Turkey’s planned attendance at an upcoming World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

It will be the first prime ministerial-level engagement for the first time in six years after an angry then-premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan walked off a panel following an argument with Israeli president Shimon Peres during 2009's forum, YENI SAFAK reports.

MILLIYET says Davutoglu will meet world leaders as the president of G-20 and will deliver a speech.


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