Turkish dailies covered chaos during Ergenekon trial and National Police Department's draft bill on Turkey's Highway Traffic Law.


Turkish dailies on Tuesday covered the chaos which erupted after the delay in Ergenekon coup trial and the new regulations of Turkey's Interior Ministry on traffic law and fines. The Anadolu Agency does not verify these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.

All of the Turkish dailies covered the clashes between Turkish gendarmerie and some marginal groups at the Silivri Courthouse in Istanbul. "Obvious decision in Silivri", the daily CUMHURIYET headlined and stated, thousands of citizens who headed to Silivri faced with blockage of Turkish security forces. The ones who tried to attend the trial were affected from security force's tear gas and use of the water cannon. It was added that the Ergenekon trial was postponed in Monday's hearing which caused chaos. Tight security measures were taken both outside and inside the courthouse. "Second attack on trial", headlined ZAMAN and said, the trial of alleged members of Ergenekon who accused of plotting to overthrow the government resumed Monday after a month of wait. Clashes occurred once security forces did not allow people to form large groups in front of the courthouse.

Most of the dailies covered the new regulations (which are underway) on the Turkish traffic law. "Imprisonment for drunk drivers", headlined TURKIYE and added, drivers caught with alcohol level of over 0.1 percent in blood test could face prison sentence up to two years. The National Police Department of Turkey prepared a draft bill and presented to the Interior Ministry. Daily VATAN headlined, "Two years in prison for two glasses of Raki", and said as soon as there is alcohol found in the driver's blood, police will not prepare a written report.



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