Turkish dailies covered police operations against violent leftist organisation DHKP/C, demonstrations during BDP deputies' Black Sea tour and robbery at Brussels Airport.


The Anadolu Agency does not verify these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.

All of the Turkish dailies covered the large scale police operations launched against DHKP-C, a left-wing terrorist group that was behind a recent suicide bomb attack on the US Embassy. "Massive operation to DHKP-C" headlined daily ZAMAN over the simultaneous operations carried out in 28 provinces where 168 people were detained. The majority of the detainees were public servants including teachers, doctors and nurses working at various state institutions and agencies. MILLIYET gives details on the documents police had before the operations and leftist group's establishment among the civil servants. ZAMAN claims some civil servants had facilitating role in some terror attacks within Turkey.

Most of the dailies covered the angry demonstrations staged against pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) during their Black Sea tour as part of their efforts to explain peace talks to the people of the region. "Black sea tour of BDP cancelled" headlined daily CUMHURIYET referring to the cancellation of the tour following the violent protests carried out in both Sinop and then Samsun provinces.

Most dailies also covered the diamond robbery from Brussels Zaventem Airport. "Flawless robbery" headlined daily SABAH over the robbery where heavily armed eight thieves broke into the Brussels Airport and stole diamonds worth of 50 million dollars from the Swiss plane during cargo loading. There were no gun shots and injuries during the robbery which lasted three minutes according to the daily.



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