Turkish dailies covered new name list for another Imrali visit, Wednesday's UEFA Champions League game between Turkey's Galatasaray and Germany's Schalke 04 and the statements of European Commissioner Gunther Oettinger.


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Most of the Turkish dailies covered the newly submitted list for Imrali visit. "New list for Imrali is at the ministry," daily MILLIYET referred to the developments on the topic and stated that the second delegation to visit jailed terrorist PKK head Ocalan on Imrali Island was submitted to Justice Ministry. "Onder, Tan and Buldan are going to Imrali from BDP," stressed daily ZAMAN and added that the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) announced the new list of who will be heading to Imrali Island. Names of three deputies of BDP, Sirri Sureyya Onder, Altan Tan and Pervin Buldan were placed on the list which was sent to Justice Ministry as part of ongoing talks between the Turkish government and the PKK terrorist group which targeted to resolve Kurdish problem.

Most of the dailies covered the UEFA Champions League game between Turkey's Galatasaray and Germany's Schalke 04 in Istanbul. Turkish soccer team Galatasaray drew 1-1 with Germany's Schalke 04 in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 on Wednesday. Daily VATAN headlined, "German style", and said that Turkey's Galatasaray shook Schalke 04 however couldn't destroy them, the game was played in Istanbul.

"EU to kneel down before Turkey", stated daily HURRIYET and covered the statements of EU Commissioner Gunther Oettinger over Turkey's EU membership process. Daily stated, "Oettinger claimed, EU will chase after Turkey in 10 years time" during his speech at an event in Brussels. The daily quoted Oettinger as saying, "I bet, in 10 to 20 years of time, a German prime minister will take a French counterpart, crawl on their knees to Ankara and ask Turks to 'join them'."



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