Turkish dailies covered the bomb attack near the headquarters of the ruling Baath party in Damascus, the poll results in regards to peace talks with Imrali and the death of Berfo Ana, symbol mother of the "missing" after 1980 coup.


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Most of the Turkish dailies covered the car bomb that exploded in central Damascus near the headquarters of the ruling Baath Party and the Russian Embassy on Thursday. "Shock attack at the heart of Damascus" headlined daily YENI SAFAK referring to the attack where over 58 people including many children were killed and hundreds of people were injured. The attack was also a message to Russia for their support to Assad according to daily TURKIYE.

"95 percent says yes we will live together" headlined daily HURRIYET over the second polls conducted by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in regards to the Imrali talks. Survey results showed that 95 percent of the people said "yes" to the question of "Can Turkish and Kurdish people live together from now on-". 51 percent support talks with Imrali where 40 percent stated "talks could start with Qandil."

Most dailies also covered the death of "Berfo Ana" who became a symbol of disappearances in custody during 1980 coup in Turkey, at the age of 105. "Even 105 years weren't enough" headlined daily MILLIYET referring to Berfo Ana's 33-year-long search for his son Cemil Kirbayir who was taken under custody during the 1980 coup and went missing. Her last will was to buried with her son's grave to be found and to be buried with his son, according to the daily.



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