Turkish dailies covered BDP delegation's visit to Imrali as part of peace talks, German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Turkey visit and Pope's last Sunday prayer before stepping down.


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Most of the Turkish dailies covered the visit by three lawmakers from the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) to the jailed head of the terrorist PKK as part of peace talks. "10 days for PKK" headlined daily HURRIYET as Ocalan wrote a letter each to PKK, BDP and Europe and asked all parties to respond in ten days. "Ceasefire in Newroz" stressed daily YENI SAFAK referring to the four-stage plan sent to Qandil by Ocalan via the BDP delegation. The plan includes PKK to release the kidnapped civil servants within this week, ceasefire to take place until Newroz, armed forces to leave between March and June and conditions for disarmament will be negotiated, according to the daily.

"Merkel arrived" headlined daily TURKIYE referring to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's two-day Turkey visit as the guest of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Merkel paid her first visit to the German soldiers deployed to operate Patriot missile defense systems in Turkey's southern province of Kahramanmaras. Merkel than travelled to Cappadoccia and will travel to Ankara to meet with Erdogan. Syria crisis, EU accession talks, counter-terrorism and commercial ties are to be discussed during her visit.

"Last prayer with huge crowd" headlined daily MILLIYET over Pope Benedict XVI's emotional last Sunday prayer delivered to 200,000 people gathered from all around the world, before becoming the first pope in about six centuries to step down. "The Lord is calling me to climb the mountain, to dedicate myself even more to prayer and meditation. But this doesn't mean I'm abandoning the Church" in his prayer.



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