The dailies covered Turkish premier's statements over peace process, notes from the meeting of BDP delegation with the jailed PKK head terrorist, testimony of retired generals as part of February 28 coup on its anniversary, Turkish FM Davutoglu's statements over the situation of Syria during his Rome trip and bullet point messages from Turkish President Gul's interview held by CNN Turk.


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All Turkish dailies covered Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's statements during his visit to Vienna to attend the 5th Global Forum of UN Alliance of Civilizations. "Turkey's peace process can be model", headlined daily HURRIYET and quoted Erdogan as saying, "the atmosphere of brotherhood will pervade Turkey soon and be a good model for Europe and other countries." Daily HURRIYET and other Turkish dailies covered the rest of Erdogan's words over the February 28 coup and Turkey's peace talks process with head of PKK terroristorganization.

Another topic which was covered by all Turkish dailies was the new sweep in February 28 coup case just a day before its anniversary. On Wednesday, February the 27th, four retired generals and an active-duty colonel were taken to Ankara Courthouse to testify. Just a day before the 16th anniversary of February 28, 1997 postmodern coup, former commander of Turkish Land Forces retired general Erdal Ceylanoglu, former commander of Turkish War Academies retired general Aslan Guner, retired general Yucel Ozsir and one active-duty colonel were brought to the Ankara Court House as part of the "Post-Modern Coup". Daily CUMHURIYET headlined, "Wave of 16th anniversary", and stated that retired general Ceylanoglu who was claimed to have ordered tanks to roll through the streets of Ankara and general Ozsir were arrested.

"Records of Imrali" daily MILLIYET headlined and gave fine details from the meeting of BDP delegation with PKK terrorist head Ocalan. Daily stated that the meeting between the delegation and jailed terrorist head Ocalan's meeting on Imrali island where Ocalan stays was covered line by line. According to daily, their meeting covered issues from the calendar of PKK's withdrawal from Turkey to presidential system. Moreover, daily YENI SAFAK covered the decision of Qandil to adjust with Imrali's road map to peace and stated that the PKK organization will cease fire in Newroz and cross border on August 15.

Most of the Turkish dailies also covered the interview of Turkish President Abdullah Gul held by CNNTurk. "Constitutional changes will take place for bringing solution to the peace process," published daily RADIKAL and stated that Gul underlined the definition of "nation" in 1924 Constitution. Daily VATAN headlined, "Equal citizens will sort out the problem," and drew attention to the definition of "Turk" in Turkey's 1924 constitution.

Lastly, some of the Turkish dailies covered the statements of Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu about the situation in Syria. Davutoglu who is currently in Rome to attend a summit about Syria, stated, "We are disappointed because of the silence of the international community. Precautions to block occurrence of war crimes have to be taken and if the opposition is guilty, it has to be valid for them too." Daily YENI SAFAK added that on Thursday, Davutoglu is expected give the message of "It's time to act instead of talking" to the attendees of Syria summit in Rome where US Secretary of State John Kerry will attend too.



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