One of Friday’s major stories in Turkish media was armed man’s failed attack against police officers in front of Istanbul’s historic Dolmabahce Palace, as well as Turkish Exporters' Assembly report on annual exports, which hit record highs in 2014.

 Anadolu Agency does not verify these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.

Friday’s newspapers mainly covered the story of an armed man’s failed attack against police officers in front of Istanbul’s historic Dolmabahce Palace.

According to Istanbul police, the suspect approached the police booth and lobbed a hand grenade, but it did not explode.

The suspect then allegedly tried to shoot at police officers using a pistol and a rifle, but police overpowered him when his gun misfired.

Later, a bomb disposal squad was called in to defuse two grenades used in the attack.

The front page of today’s HABER TURK read: “Attack at Dolmabahce,” adding that the assailant, who is a member of an outlawed leftist organization, was detained.

Reporting on the same incident, HURRIYET quoted Istanbul police department head Selami Altinok as saying: “We know his identity and the links he has, but we don’t want to reveal it now. He served time in prison between 2003 and 2006.”

STAR said, “Armed man in Dolmabahce.” The newspaper identified the attacker as Firat O.

The front page of SABAH read: “Attack attempt at Dolmabahce.” The newspaper claimed that the Turkish intelligence service had warned the police department against a possible attack on police posts across country at the end of October.

According to the newspaper, the suspect had been planning the assault for around one year for the 20th anniversary of the outlawed leftist organization DHKP-C.

Friday's papers also covered the Turkish Exporters' Assembly report on annual exports, which hit record highs in 2014.

SABAH said: “Exports ended 2014 with a record,” referring to the Turkish Exporters' Assembly announcement.

The newspaper said that Turkey’s exports reached $157.6 billion in 2014, a 4 percent increase and a record high in annual exports revenue despite economic problems in the world market.

Turkey’s exports increased from $36.1 billion in 2002 to nearly $158 billion in 2014 after "political and financial stability” was achieved in the country, according to Turkish officials.

Exports in December 2014 were up 1.1 percent compared to December 2013, the group added.

Mehmet Buyukeksi, president of the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly, said that 2015's circumstances could be more challenging, as the U.S. Fed is expected to hike interest rates. 


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