Turkish granma taking care of a paralysed Russian boy praised on Russian TV, cause of the fire in the historic building of Galatasaray University covered widely.


Turkish dailies on Thursday covered the possible reason of the Galatasaray University fire, the appearance of an elderly Turkish mother on a Russian television for that she had been taking care of a paralysed 17-year-old Russian for four years, and the opening of the bidding for the 3rd airport in Istanbul. The Anadolu Agency does not verify these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.

All Turkish dailies covered the possible reason of the fire which broke out at Galatasaray University in Istanbul on Tuesday. Dailies said the fire might not be arson but happened because of neglectfulness. Daily RADIKAL said "it will reborn from its ashes" adding that officials promised to rebuild the 142-year-old historic building identically.

Most of the dailies covered the appearance of Gulsum Kabadayi, an elderly Turkish woman living in the southern province of Antalya, on a popular Russian talk show after taking care of a Russian boy who had been lost four years. The boy was hit by a car in Antalya in 2008 and was left paralysed. Kabadayi, who happened to be at the hospital when the authorities were searching for the boy's relatives took over his care. The audience at the reality show expressed their respect for Kabadayi. A Russian MP kissed her hand and thanked her said daily SABAH. The TV show hoped to find relatives of the young boy by showing his story on TV.

Most of the Turkish dailies covered the opening of the bid for building the largest airport in Istanbul, that will be the 3rd airport in the city. Officials hope that 150-million passenger capacity airport will make Istanbul an important center for world air travel.



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