Changes in the Turkish Cabinet, Pinar Selek's conviction in 15 year case and ongoing debate on the statements of Birgul Ayman Guler, the CHP deputy who was blamed for being a racist.


Turkish dailies on Friday covered the changes in the Turkish Cabinet as 4 ministers changed, tension rose after the statements of Birgul Ayman Guler about the Kurdish issue and the life-sentence to sociologist Pinar Selek who was accused of bombing Spice Bazaar in Istanbul in 1998. The Anadolu Agency does not verify these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.

All Turkish dailies covered the long-awaited changes in the Turkish Cabinet. Daily ZAMAN headlined, "Revision in the Cabinet, 4 ministers have changed", and added on Thursday evening Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan presented the names of new ministers to Turkish President Abdullah Gul. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan changed the Interior Minister, Culture and Tourism Minister, Education Minister and Health Minister with newer names.

All Turkish dailies covered the speech of a parliamentarian of main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) Izmir deputy Birgul Ayman Guler. Daily Radikal headlined, "What kind of a mind is that-" referring to Ayman's argument over the bill regarding defendants' right to communicate in a language other than Turkish, she stressed, "Turks and Kurds were not equal as nations." Following Guler's statements, Salih Firat, a CHP parliamentarian from Adiyaman province announced that he resigned from his party and Guler's statements were one of the reasons behind his decision.

Most of the Turkish dailies covered the life-sentence given to Sociologist Pinar Selek who was acquitted three times before in the case for the 1998's explosion at the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul. In the explosion, 7 people were killed and many others were wounded. Daily HURRIYET held a phone interview with Selek and quoted her saying as, "I am shocked. I feel like as if I heard the death of a family member" over the decision of the court. Daily HURRIYET covered Selek's case which has been going on since 1998 in details. The daily published a photo of a group who unfurled a banner before the trial began saying "We want the acquittal of Pinar Selek back."

Media reports point to the previous verdicts based on the assigned experts' opinion to the court that it was not proven the explosion was caused by a bomb. It was widely believed the explosion was due to a gas leak.



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