Turkish dailies on Tuesday cover French President Francois Hollande's visit to Turkey, the 17-year-old Grammy winner Lorde, and the adoption of the new constitution in Tunisia.

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Turkish dailies on Tuesday cover French President Francois Hollande's visit to Turkey, the 17-year-old Grammy winner Lorde, and the adoption of the new constitution in Tunisia.

All the Turkish dailies write about the historic visit of French president to Turkey, which is the first official visit to Turkey by a French president in more than two decades.

Daily AKSAM headlines "Blank cheque en route to EU" and writes that Hollande reiterated his unchanging stance for Turkey's EU membership.

The daily quotes Hollande as saying "Only 14 chapters out of 35 have been opened. This process should continue with transparency, respect and bona fide. Once all of the chapters have been opened, the sides can discuss the membership issue in parallel with decision of the peoples."

The daily also adds that Hollande held a "warm dialogue" with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with Turkey's EU accession process and the Syrian civil war in light of the ongoing Geneva II peace talks in Switzerland high on the agenda.

Daily STAR publishes "Blockages to be removed" as to highlight the support of Hollande in response to the Turkish President Abdullah Gul's call upon Paris to "release the political hypothecs" on Turkey.

As the daily details, Hollande signalled that France will clear the political barriers it hedged off on Turkey, paving the way for Turkey's EU accession talks which came to a deadlock when the former French President Nicholas Sarkozy, a fierce opponent of Turkey's EU membership, blocked the opening of five so-called chapters -- areas of negotiations with the EU that must be concluded before accession. 

"Your EU membership subject to referendum" says Daily MILLIYET, citing Hollande as saying "Even after the negotiation process is over, the related nations will decide if Turkey will be granted membership or not. In any case, it will be subject to a referendum in France." 

17-year-old Grammy winner Lorde

What most of Turkish dailies bring to ther frontpage on Tuesday is Sunday's announcement of winners at the 56th annual Grammy Awards' performance-heavy ceremony in Los Angeles, US.

Daily STAR publishes "17-year-old top the Grammys" to describe the Grammys night where Lorde, the current cover star of Rolling Stone, clinched the Grammy twice with her single "Royals" in categories "Song of the Year" and "Best Pop Solo Performance."

"17-year-old queen of Grammys" writes Daily AKSAM, saying that Lorde is the first ever singer of New Zealand origin to top the US hit lists and the youngest singer to receive a Grammy.

Adoption of the new constitution in Tunisia

Some Turkish dailies cover the adoption of the new constitution in Tunisia, the first since the ouster of autocratic president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali three years ago, a historic achievement of the birthplace of the Arab Spring so as to put an end to the 3-year political turmoil.

For the last several days, constituent assembly of Tunisia voted on the articles of a new draft constitution which was prepared on public consent and gained public support at all levels.

"Tunisia did it" writes Daily YENISAFAK, and define the adoption of the constitution as a "Fest of democracy," as the Tunisian people and the lawmakers welcomed the new constitution with tears, cheers and applauses.

The daily also detailed that Tunisia's 217-member National Constituent Assembly (NCA) approved the country's post-revolution constitution as at least 200 lawmakers voted in favor of the new charter, while 12 voted against.

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