Turkish dailies have focused on the deaths of four Palestinian children during shelling in Gaza, and conflict over the presence of Syrian refugees in three southern Turkish cities.


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Turkish dailies have devoted their front pages to news about Wednesday's Israeli shell which killed four Gazan children and anger directed at the presence of Syrian refugees in several southern Turkish towns.

VATAN runs with the headline "Murderer" referring to the Israeli army, with a picture showing dead and wounded Gazan children. The paper said the incident was one of the biggest killings of children in Gaza so far.

The four children were killed and one other was badly wounded after an Israeli naval gunboat fired a shell where children were playing football on a Gaza beach, a Palestinian health official claimed.

"Israel kills four more Gazan children" says MILLIYET. A Gazan man, who lost his four nephews during the attack asked: "How does not Israel consider children?" the daily reported, putting the total death toll in the Gaza Strip at 220 over the past week.

Gaza has been bombarded by Israel for nine days now since Israel started its "Operation Protective Edge" offensive with the aim of curbing the military capabilities of Hamas.

A total of 226 residents of the Gaza Strip have been killed and 1,673 others injured since Israel started its offensive on July 7, the Palestinian Health Ministry said early on Thursday. The dead victims included 47 children, 27 women and 15 elderly Gazans, according to a list supplied by the Health Ministry.

YENI SAFAK ran the headline "They hit children on the beach" with two front-page photos showing the moment of the impact.

Dailies have also covered attacks on Syrian refugees in the southern Turkish cities of Kahramanmaras, Gaziantep and Adana.

With the title "Dangerous climb," BUGUN reported on its front page that reactions to Syrian refugees have become dangerous.

On Tuesday, some angry groups took to the streets of Kahramanmaras chanting "We don't want Syrians." Some protesters later attacked cars and homes belonging to Syrians.

TURKIYE writes: "Dangerous relations between war-weary Syrian refugees and our residents."

The attacks on Syrian refugees occurred in Kahramanmaras for the first time and the tension spread to Gaziantep and Adana. Locals have complained that Syrians do not pay tax and threaten businesses because of unfair competition, the paper added.

Some groups also attacked cars carrying Syrian plates in Gaziantep on Tuesday night after a vehicle with a Syrian registration hit a family, injuring a woman and her daughter. In Adana, a group of masked men attacked several shops run by Syrian refugees following a dispute between locals and Syrian shopkeepers.

MILLIYET quoted Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as saying: "I know who conducts these provocative attacks but I will not explain their identities in this period. I recommend my citizens protect my Syrian brothers."

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