Turkish dailies reported Thursday on the latest developments of the operation in Istanbul and other cities against the police officers and officials in wiretapping probe, the latest clashes in Israel and Palestine and the Taiwan plane crash which left 51 dead.


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Turkish dailies have devoted their front pages to news about the latest developments in Tuesday's operation in which 15 people – including high-ranking police officials – were detained for alleged illegal wiretapping and spying in anti-graft operations throughout police departments in several Turkish cities.

HURRIYET ran the headline "Two cosmic questions," SABAH used "Parallel State blockaded," while STAR quoted Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as saying "Traitors pay off." All the dailies said that the police officers that have been detained as part of the probe into parallel state are set to be questioned on accusations that they wiretapped Turkey's intelligence chief, Hakan Fidan, according to prosecutors.

The latest detentions follow two high-profile Istanbul-based anti-graft operations launched in December of last year, which led to the arrest of high-profile figures, including the sons of the three government ministers as well as several businessmen. All those detained in the probe were later released pending trial.

Most Turkish dailies also covered the latest developments in Israel and Palestine, which has seen a surge in violence following the murders of three Israeli teenagers and a Palestinian youth earlier in July.

The front page of today’s YENI SAFAK reads: "5,000 terrorists," claiming that 5,000 Jewish soldiers from 40 countries are voluntarily taking part in Israel's invasion of Gaza.

ZAMAN quoted Navi Pillay, the UN human rights chief, as saying, "Strong possibility of Gaza war crimes." The daily reported that Pillay warned all sides in the two-week war in the Gaza Strip not to attack civilians indiscriminately, and that violations may be war crimes.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, the Palestinian death toll from Israel's military offensive against the Gaza Strip rose to 718 early Thursday following the death of three more people, including two children, in fresh Israeli attacks on the blockaded enclave.

The passenger plane with 58 people on board that crashed upon attempting an emergency landing in Taiwan is another issue that some dailies covered Thursday. VATAN said, "Typhoon makes the plane crash," adding that the plane crashed during an emergency landing near Taiwan's Magong Airport, killing at least 51 people.

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