Turkish dailies reported Thursday on the latest developments of the operation in Istanbul and other cities against police officers and officials in the wiretapping probe, along with the latest clashes in Israel and Palestine.


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Turkish dailies have devoted their front pages to news about the latest developments in the operation in which 11 people – including high-ranking police officials – were arrested early yesterday for alleged illegal wiretapping and spying in anti-graft operations throughout police departments.

SABAH ran the headline "Court arrests more Gulenist police officers for espionage" and reported that 11 police officers linked to the Gulen movement were arrested pending trial on charges of espionage and attempting to topple the government.

The arrested police officers include Yurt Atayun, former chief of Istanbul’s anti-terror police department. The court ordered the conditional release of eight suspects and released 30 others.

"They even listened to a mosque" AKSAM headlined referring to the illegal wiretappings. The story said an Istanbul court has ruled to imprison 11 officers for alleged espionage activities, raising the number of officers formally detained for illegal wiretaps to 31.

The court action followed two high-profile, Istanbul-based anti-graft operations, which were launched in December 2013 and led to the arrest of high-profile figures including the sons of three government ministers as well as several entrepreneurs.

Most Turkish dailies also covered the Israeli shelling of an United Nations school where Palestinians were taking refuge.

Around 15 Palestinians were killed and 100 others injured early on Wednesday when the Israeli army shelled a northern Gaza Strip United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) school.

"Killed while sleeping” titled HURRIYET. The daily said Gaza's rulers Hamas have authorized the rival Palestinian National Authority to negotiate a truce with Israel to stop the latter's bombardment of the strip, even as Israel enraged the UN after if killed 16 in a strike on a school run by the world body.

Sixteen other Palestinians were killed by Israeli strikes on a third UNRWA school last week, the event that sent United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon denouncing the targeting of his organization's schools in the Gaza Strip.

The schools of the UN have turned into refugee camps for the Palestinians of Gaza, which has been suffering incessant Israeli attacks since July 7.

YENI SAFAK said "Limitless artillery shooting" in its reporting of Israel's onslaught on the last day of Eid by bombing an UN school and a mosque.

According to the Palestinian figures, the new fatalities have risen to 1363 in Gaza's death toll from Israel's war, which has been ongoing since July 7.

According to official Israeli figures, 53 Israeli soldiers and three civilians have been killed since the hostilities began.

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