Turkish dailies covered on Friday a deadly train crash in Spain, PYD leader's Istanbul visit, a Muslim cleric's controversial remarks, assassination of a Tunisian politician, and a bomb attack in southeastern Turkey.

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Turkish dailies covered a train crash in Spain on Thursday, the deadliest in the country in decades.

Daily SABAH headlined "Speeding Slaughter", saying the cause of the crash in Galicia, northwest of Spain, was identified as excessive speed. 

The daily said at the time of the crash, the train carrying 218 people is reported to have been traveling at 190 km per hour around a curve, where the speed limit is only 80.

Daily MILLIYET described the crash as 'the biggest in 69 years'.

Seconds before the crash, the deadliest in the country since 1944, one of the conductors who survived with wounds exclaimed "we're going to derail!", the daily said.

Turkish dailies covered an official Turkey visit on Thursday by Salih Muslim, leader of the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

Daily TARAF headlined "Istanbul Summit with PYD", saying the leader of the pro-Kurdish organization, linked with terrorist group PKK, has begun to hold meetings with high-ranking government officials in Turkey's cultural and economic heart, Istanbul.

The daily added that the Ceylanpinar border gate in the southeastern region was opened for the first time for Kurdish shelter-seekers fleeing the violence in war-torn Syria.

Daily ZAMAN said Muslim, who will stay in Istanbul for two days, is expected to meet officials from Turkish National Intelligence Agency (MIT) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

PYD has recently captured the Syrian border town of Ras al-Ayn, where it allegedly plans to declare autonomy, the daily said.

ZAMAN added that Muslim might pay an impromptu visit to PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan in Imrali, a prison island in southern Marmara Sea where Ocalan serves a life sentence.

Turkish dailies covered a controversial statement on pregnant women by Muslim cleric and mystic Omer Tugrul Inancer in a televised program aired on state network TRT.

Daily CUMHURIYET headlined "#direnhamile" (the pregnant, resist), an allusion to the widespread social media hashtag #direnGezi, created last month in support for Gezi Park protests.

CUMHURIYET said Inancer described going out in streets during pregnancy as "immodesty", which the daily said drew a tremendous reaction from politicians and social media users.

Women took to the streets in Kadikoy and Taksim in Istanbul to protest Inancer's remarks, the daily said, even joined by men with pot bellies made of stuffed pillows.

The dailies covered the assassination of Tunisian politician Mohamed Brahmi, only months after the murder of Chokri Belaid, member of the same opposition coalition as Brahmi.

Daily YENI SAFAK headlined "Assassination for Chaos", saying the murder of secular-minded Brahmi led to protests by thousands of Tunisians in front of the Interior Ministry building.

Daily TARAF said Brahmi was shot eleven times in front of his family. Moderate Islamist party Ennahda Movement was blamed for the killing, the daily said.

Turkish dailies also covered a bomb attack at a police department in Silop, Sirnak in southeast of Turkey.

Daily ZAMAN said a group celebrating PYD's capture of Ras al-Ayn in northern Syria attacked several government buildings. A police chief was seriously injured, the daily said.

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