Friday’s newspapers mainly cover President Erdogan’s remarks on coalition government plus the killing of three soldiers


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Friday’s newspapers dedicated their front pages to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s remarks over minority government scenarios and the killing of three soldiers after their army convoy was ambushed in the southeast of the country.

VATAN ran a front-page headline: “Until [snap] elections, minority [government],” referring to Erdogan’s remarks.

Speaking to journalists on a plane going to Jakarta from Beijing, Erdogan said: “If no positive result comes out from the talks [among political parties to form a government], then let’s resort to national will [elections] immediately and we will let the people decide.”

“What I am against is a permanent minority government,” he said, adding: “A minority government is surely possible on the condition that it will take [the country] to elections.”

Similarly, MILLIYET covered Erdogan’s remarks with a front-page headline saying: “Minority government can take [country] to the elections.”

HURRIYET ran the president’s statements under a headline reading: “Immediate election plan,” while HABERTURK’s headline, on the same subject, read: “Waiting for benefit is in vain,” referring to the president’s remarks on forming a coalition government.

“We will see if there will be a coalition [government] or not but the longest one lasted 3.5 years. There was even a coalition government [in Turkey], which lasted 16 months. If we are waiting for any benefit [from the coalition government] it will be in vain,” Erdogan said.

The killing of three Turkish soldiers after their army convoy was ambushed in the southeast of the country was another news item that many newspapers focused on.

The Turkish General Staff said on Thursday that the “atrocious” attack happened in Sirnak province, blaming the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) group for the deaths.

VATAN ran with the headline: “Three more martyrs,” writing that 30 warplanes bombed the PKK’s camps in the northern Iraq after the deadly ambush.

HURRIYET’s front-page headline read: “Traitor ambush”, while running photos of the slain soldiers. YENISAFAK wrote: “30 F-16s hit [PKK targets] instantly,” after the killings.

Turkey’s military and police have been hit by a number of attacks over the past week following the Daesh-linked suicide bombing in Suruc, Sanliurfa province that killed 32 people on July 20.

Since then, Turkish security forces have arrested hundreds of people with suspected links to Daesh, the PKK, and leftist groups, detaining over 1,300 individuals across the country.

Turkey has also launched airstrikes against ISIL and PKK positions in Syria and Iraq. The PKK is listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S., the EU and Turkey.

In economic news, DUNYA reported that Turkey would make the transition to domestic 5G technology with a 4.5G tender decision.

Specifications for the tender on August 26 for Turkey's 4G mobile network services and infrastructure were changed on Thursday to include a greater amount of local components.

"The requirement for using domestically manufactured products has been increased up to at least 30 percent for the first year. Previously, it was 3 percent," deputy president of Turkey's Information Technologies and Communications Authority, or BTK, Omer Fatih Sayan said in Ankara on Thursday.

“This rate will be increased to at least 40 percent from 8 percent in the second year, and to 45 percent from 15 percent for the upcoming years” Sayan said, adding: "These amendments will help launch 4.5G services in Turkey, and will also pave the way for 5G using local technology."


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