Turkish dailies on Monday dedicated most of their front pages to news about municipal election results as thousands go to the polls again in Turkey after the elections authority declared 13 results void in the March 30 elections, the reactions to crackdowns on the Gezi Park anniversary protests over the weekend, and the Guinness record for 'World's most crowded breakfast table' in Van.


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Monday's newspapers focused on municipal election results, as thousands went to the polls again in Turkey. Turkey's ruling AK Party led in five out of the thirteen localities where local elections were repeated after the results from March 30 elections were declared void by the elections authority.

"AK Party lost two cities," ran the headline in the daily CUMHURIYET, referring to wins by the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) and the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP). Each won a province in Sunday's re-run of local elections. Daily HABERTURK ran with "Yalova: CHP; Agri: BDP," and reported that early results showed CHP candidate Vefa Salman winning by a 0.5 percent margin in Yalova province, while the BDP's Sirri Sakik leads in Agri province by 6 percent, with close to 95 percent of the votes counted.

Turkish dailies also covered the reactions to the crackdowns on the Gezi Park Anniversary protests over the weekend. "Police crackdown on protests nets reaction," was the headline for daily HURRIYET, which added that many people were injured during police attacks on demonstrations held to mark the anniversary of the Gezi Park protests which shook the country last summer.

Daily MILLIYET said, "247 detained, 22 youth released," and reported that Turkish police's use of tear gas and water cannon to attack demonstrators has drawn reaction both domestically and abroad.

The Guinness record attempt for "World's most crowded breakfast table" in Turkey's eastern province Van was covered on Monday by some dailies. "Breakfast for peace" ran the headline in daily SABAH. The daily said that the Guinness record for "World's most crowded breakfast table" was broken on Sunday when a total of 51,793 people enjoyed breakfast together in Van. The previous record was with 18,941 people in the USA in 2001.

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