Turkish dailies on Tuesday are covering an attack in eastern Afghanistan which killed three Turkish engineers plus the abdication of Spain's King Juan Carlos.


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Almost all Turkish dailies on Tuesday covered yesterday’s bomb attack in eastern Afghanistan which killed three Turkish engineers and left another Turk and an Afghan child wounded.

"Bloody ambush on Turkish team" is how daily MILLIYET covered the issue. A suicide bomber using a motorcycle cart full of explosives attacked the Turkish engineers’ car killing three of them and wounded one.

Project manager Fuat Tas, Umit Unal and Halil Gul were working for the EMTA construction company which was building a logistics facility for the Afghan security forces in the Behsud district, the paper said.

The blast occurred at around 7:15 am near Jalalabad city in the Nangarhar province, the spokesperson for Nangarhar's governor Ahmad Zia Abdulzai told the Anadolu Agency.

Daily HABER TURK quoted the Taliban, which is being blamed for the suicide blast, as saying: "We never carry out such an attack on purpose."

The Taliban was not behind the attack, a spokesperson for the group, Zabihullah Mujahid, told the Anadolu Agency.

"Turkish people and Afghan people are of the same religion. We have always loved Turkish people and would never carry out such an attack," Mujahid said.

However, the VATAN daily reported that the engineers had been threatened over a project for some time.

In other news, most Turkish dailies also covered the abdication of Spain’s King Juan Carlos. "His Majesty has just informed me of his will to step down," Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said in a televised statement Monday.

Daily HURRIYET ran with "Long live the new King" saying the Spanish people are happy with the new announcement. The paper said the 76-year-old monarch was credited with steering Spain to democracy after the death of General Francisco Franco in 1975.

It is claimed that the main reason behind the king's decision to abdicate the throne is because he believes that the younger generation should have more active role in the transition.

The king’s son, Prince Felipe, 46, is to become the country’s next head of state, reports daily HABER TURK, underlining how King Carlos' popularity has fallen following a corruption investigation into his daughter.

Other dailies also covered dramatic rainfall which hit Istanbul on Monday, disrupting the city's transport system and daily life.

Daily HURRIYET ran with the headline "Minibus ferry" referring to a picture showing a minibus afloat on a waterlogged road and a ferry ready to move just a few meters from a road in city’s eastern Uskudar district.

The heavy rain and hail also caused traffic jams and flooding throughout some districts, daily VATAN said showing a picture where the sea and the land are almost merged. Daily YENI SAFAK said the rainy weather would continue until Sunday.

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