Monday's newspapers covered protests after two died while protesting the construction of a military outpost in Turkey's southeastern Lice district, Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova's championship in the final of the women's singles in the 2014 French Open and the attack on Pakistan's Jinnah International Airport in Karachi.


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Turkish dailies on Monday covered the protests in several cities of Turkey after two have died while they allegedly were protesting the construction of a military outpost in southeastern Lice district of the country.

Daily VATAN ran with the headline "Tension increases," saying local tension has expanded regionally, and PKK terrorist groups clashed with police after unidentified provocateurs opened fire and two protesters died.

RADIKAL reported that the news over death of two protestors has increased tension while "Turkey was expecting an acceleration of the solution process," arguing that KCK -- an umbrella organization of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) -- had called for the violence after a long ceasefire.

"Mothers prepare for death fast," said daily AKSAM, reporting that the mothers of children who were abducted in April, had held sit-in protests seeking their release, and have decided to fast for 48 hours due to the death of the two protestors.

Daily YENI SAFAK ran with the headline, "Children in the mountain, children on the street," claiming that the Turkish Interior Ministry had sent inspectors to Lice to investigate the case, adding PKK was using children in its street protests.

The daily also added that the mothers would hold a two day hunger strike to appeal for their kidnapped children, and pledged they would fast until death if the children were not returned to their families.

Some dailies covered Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova's win over Romania's Simona Halep in the final of the women's singles in the 2014 French Open, meaning Sharapova took the championship for the second time in three years.

Daily HURRIYET headlined "Cup in her hand, Eiffel behind," saying Sharapova posed for the cameras in front of the Eiffel Tower with the championship cup. HURRIYET added Spanish world number one Rafael Nadal ranked first in the men's single finals, having defeated archrival Serbian Novak Djokovic.

Winning the 2014 French Open, Nadal claims his ninth Roland Garros title and is the first tennis player to win the prestigious trophy five times in a row.

Daily MILLIYET titled "I'm not a Nadal," quoting Sharapova, where she says she worked hard for the championship and was not a born clay court player like Nadal.

"Paris shall see a champion!" daily AKSAM headlined, with a big picture showing Sharapova in front of the Eiffel Tower, adding she was proud to be the premier Russian sportswoman.

Dailies also covered the brazen attack on Karachi's Jinnah International Airport by armed men on Sunday night, wherein 13 people were killed, including eight airport security officers, and 18 wounded.

Daily HURRIYET headlined "Attack on Karachi airport" sharing the death toll and the number of injured people, adding two airplanes on the field were partially damaged and airplanes who were flying to the area were required to turn back or to land in an appropriate area.

"Bloody attack in Karachi," was the headline in daily YENI SAFAK, reporting 10 terrorists attacked Jinnah International Airport, while the number of dead was expected to increase.

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