Turkish newspapers on Thursday have covered the kidnapping 49 Turkish consulate staff after militants seized Iraq’s oil-rich city of Mosul.


Anadolu Agency does not verify these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.

All Turkish dailies on Thursday covered the kidnapping 49 consulate staff members after Islamist militants seized Iraq’s oil-rich city of Mosul.

Daily RADIKAL runs with the headline “Consulate hostage,” reporting that militants from the self-styled Islamic State of Iraq and Levant – ISIL –kidnapped Turkish consulate staff, including the consul-general Ozturk Yilmaz. 

The attack came a day after ISIL took control of Iraq's second-largest city in the northern province of Nineveh on Tuesday. Thirty-one Turkish truck drivers who were transporting fuel to a thermal power plant have also been seized. 

HURRIYET published an interview with a Turkmen-origin staff member from the consultate. The newspaper quoted him as saying the militias first attacked the Mosul governor’s house, which is 20 meters behind the Turkish consulate. He added that the rebels “took the hostages to Al Dana first and then another neighborhood. They are in good condition and expecting to be released”.

“ISIL raid” said the MILLIYET daily, claiming around 900 militia members surrounded the consulate. The newspaper added that 25 special operation officers were there but the door was opened without any clash. The newspaper claimed that a much higher total – 80 people – were taken hostage.

Daily STAR reports on its front page that “Ankara called on NATO to hold an emergency meeting after 49 of its consulate staff were abducted by ISIL militants.” The daily claims that a summit was held at the Cankaya Presidential Palace in Ankara after the ISIL raid.

Daily HABERTURK reported that ISIL militias stole almost US$430 million from the Iraq Central Bank in Mosul.


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