Turkish dailies on Monday mainly focus on execution of around 1,700 Shia soldiers by the militant group ISIL and Turkey’s prime minister's reactions to media portrayal of the abduction of Turkish consulate staff by ISIL millitants.


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Turkish daily VATAN went with the headline; “Crime against humanity,” referring to the execution of around 1,700 Shi’ite students from Iraqi Air Force Academy by ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) militants. The group published the pictures on their twitter account, the newspaper said.

“Turkmens under threat, building defense forces,” is the headline in the HURRIYET DAILY NEWS which explains; “Engulfed by the deteriorating situation in Iraq, Turkmens are establishing their own armed forces.”

Above its headline “Iraq on the brink of sectarian war,” daily YENI SAFAK quoted Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as saying: “This has gone far beyond an encounter with forces affiliated with ISIL. Under current circumstances it can evolve into a sectarian conflict, or maybe even a sectarian war.” Speaking in Turkey’s Black Sea city of Trabzon, Erdogan said, "We cannot underestimate the developments in Tal Afar (a city 50kms west of Mosul). As you all know, it is a Turkmen majority city. Half of our Turkmen brothers are Sunni Muslims, the other half are Shia Muslims."

Erdogan's criticism of the way some media have been covering the abduction of the Turkish consulate staff in Iraq was carried on HURRIYET’s front page.

“I ask the print and visual media, for God’s sake, what do you want to achieve by your provocations while we are trying to safely liberate our one hundred citizens captured by the ISIL elements?"

"I want to request you to watch out this situation without publishing any provocative materials because these provocations are creating negative rather than a positive effect on the other side (ISIL),” the daily quoted Erdogan.

Daily STAR quoted Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc as saying, “We expect our efforts to produce positive results,” referring to the abducted 49 Turkish consulate staff members by ISIL, including the consul-general and family members in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

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