Tuesday's Turkish papers covered the unveiling of the opposition's presidential nominee, ex-OIC president Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu; hardship faced by Turkmen citizens in Iraq in the recent fighting and Germany defeating Portugal 4-0 in their Group G World Cup match.


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Newspapers covered the unveiling of the Turkish opposition's presidential nominee – ex-Organization of Islamic Cooperation president Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu – on Tuesday.

Turkey's main opposition CHP chose Ihsanoglu as its nominee for August's presidential election after weeks of negotiations with its nationalist MHP party rivals.

Daily RADIKAL reported that leaders of the CHP and MHP had hidden the name of their joint candidate from even their close staff, claiming also that CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu had submitted the proposal to Ihsanoglu on June 12.

Kilicdaroglu said the parties chose Ihsanoglu for his "experience, objectivity, international studies and his success both in Turkey and abroad”.

'Why we have chosen him?' was the headline in the VATAN daily. Quoting Kilicdaroglu, the paper reported: "He is someone, on whom the majority of the Turkish society would agree," adding that the parties were not choosing a nominee for CHP chairman but for the presidency.

Daily SABAH headlined 'Ihsanoglu went up to the roof,' saying that the unexpected name of the nominee stunned even CHP members.

The daily quoted a member of parliament of CHP in Istanbul, Nur Serter, saying: "[The] CHP has denied itself. I refuse this nominee." Another CHP parliamentarian, Gokhan Gunaydin was reported as saying: "This roof cannot be sheltered."

‘Roof candidate’ is the Turkish expression for a nominee running on a joint political ticket.

Daily CUMHURIYET headlined: 'A crack in the roof in CHP' – a reference to Kilicdaroglu's statement that although voters did not know much about Ihsanoglu they would "like him by knowing him better”.

The daily also stated that the announcement of the name of Ihsanoglu, "who was contrary to Erdogan over some foreign policies in Egypt and Syria," caused a major reaction in some CHP members.

The majority of the dailies also covered Turkmen residents of the Iraqi city of Tal Afar fleeing from the self-styled Islamic State of Iraq and Levant – ISIL – onslaught.

Hundreds of families fled the northern city after clashes between the militants and Iraqi security forces backed by Turkmen tribal fighters on Sunday.

Daily MILLIYET titled 'Either death or migration' referring to the Turkmen people of Iraq "of whom hundreds were killed so far and 200,000 were migrating".

Sunni Turkmen were trying to reach the cities of Mosul and Dohuk and Shi’a Turkmen to Sinjar, but "as more than 100,000 Shi’a Turkmen were not accepted by Sinjar, the immigrants were on unprotected terrain”, the daily says.

Blaming the Iraqi army, daily TURKIYE ran the headline: 'They put ISIL aside and kill Turkmen' adding that "the army handed over Mosul to ISIL without firing even one gun and taking off their uniforms, but killing 60 Turkmens while they were fleeing from Tal Afar”.

Daily YENI SAFAK headlined 'Escape from the massacre' saying 150,000 civilians of Iraq were migrating from Tal Afar but that the rest, whose “communication with world was cut off” were still in the city, fearing death at any moment.

Some dailies covered Germany defeating Portugal 4-0 in their Group G World Cup match on Monday.

Under its headline ‘Panzers crushed Portuguese’, daily VATAN said Germany defeated a strong Portuguese team which included star striker Christiano Ronaldo.

The daily added the star of the match was Germany's Thomas Muller, who scored a hat-trick.

'Germany got happy with Muller', headlined YENI SAFAK.

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