Thursday’s daily newspapers covered a court’s decision to sentence two leaders of Turkey's bloody 1980 military coup to life imprisonment, the Constitutional Court's ruling on the 'Sledgehammer' trial, developments in Iraq and the upcoming presidential election in Turkey.


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Turkish daily newspapers' front pages focus on an Ankara court’s decision to sentence two leaders of the 1980 military coup, former generals Kenan Evren and Tahsin Sahinkaya, to life imprisonment. “Life sentence after 34 years,” HURRIYET headlined, adding that the former generals’ ranks will be downgraded to that of private soldiers. “Mighty general now private,” TURKIYE titled. BUGUN stressed that it was the first time in Turkey’s history that anyone has been convicted of involvement in a military coup.

The coup, following years of unrest, resulted in a three-year junta ruled through the National Security Council. During the military reign 650,000 people were detained and 50 executed, mostly for political reasons, and hundreds died through torture and unsanitary prison conditions.

Some of the newpapers covered the Constitutional Court’s ruling that the rights of 230 defendants convicted as part of the 'Sledgehammer' trial were violated. HURRIYET reported the trail collapsed while VATAN said the ruling paves the way for a retrial.

Sledgehammer is an alleged military coup plan, allegedly dating back to 2003, a year after the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party came to power.

“We want peace,” VATAN titled to report Wednesday’s meeting between the Turkish prime minister and key business organizations. The daily said business leaders told Recep Tayyip Erdogan they want a calm environment for commerce after August’s presidential election. HURRIYET reported the prime minister asked the entrepreneurs for their thoughts on the president. The newspaper said Erdogan will meet prominent workers’ leaders on Monday.

Some dailies covered militant fighters' advance towards the Iraqi capital Baghdad. “Dangerous escalation,” YENI SAFAK warned. The daily said the rising tide of militant Sunni insurgency in Iraq shook the political balance in the region. The paper reported Turkish President Abdullah Gul’s warning on a sectarian rift in the country. TURKIYE reported Kurds have been joining Kurdish force to fight against militants.

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