Today's newspapers covered a court order releasing 237 defendants in the ‘Sledgehammer’ trial, Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s rally in Vienna and a tornedo which struck Istanbul.


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Today’s Turkish front pages have focused on an Istanbul court order to release all defendants convicted as part of the co-called ‘Sledgehammer’ – Balyoz – trial, an alleged military plot to overthrow the government.

“Collective release at ‘Sledgehammer’ trial,” said SABAH, reporting how an Istanbul court ordered the retrial and release of 237 defendants after the Constitutional Court’s ruling that the their human rights concerning digital data collection and wiretapping had been breached.

HURRIYET ran with the headline “Release salute” alongside a photograph of uniformed colonel Ismet Cingi making a formal salute to a crowd of supporters in front of the prison after his release.

The front page of today’s MILLIYET reads “All released” adding that the court ruling covers all defendants, even those who did not apply to the Constitutional Court for their release.

“Cry of joy” headlined VATAN, running a front-page picture of defendants’ family members cheering their relatives’ release from jail.

Sledgehammer is an alleged military coup plan by a group in the Turkish Armed Forces reportedly dating back to 2003, a year after the current ruling Justice and Development Party came to power.

In other news YENI SAFAK quoted Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan saying: “We are nor Sunni or Shi'ite, but Muslim,” during a visit to Austria’s capital, Vienna. The newspaper reported Erdogan saying: “We are in the Middle East for human beings and absolutely not for its oil.”

AKSAM quoted Erdogan as saying: “They are preparing for a new thrashing” – a reference to the presidential election campaigns of Turkey’s opposition parties.

The front page of today’s STAR reads “Tornado hits Istanbul”, adding how a storm over the Marmara Sea passed through the Tuzla neighborhood in eastern Istanbul, resulting in heavy damage.

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