Monday's daily newspapers covered the Turkish prime minister's criticism of the release of 11 police officers accused of involvement in bugging of his office, a rebel general's calling on Turks to leave volatile eastern Libya and American actress Jessica Alba's visit to Istanbul.


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Today’s Turkish front pages have focused on Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's criticism of the release of police officers, including his former chief bodyguard, over the alleged wiretapping of his office.

Eleven police officers were questioned last week in relation to the alleged bugging following early morning searches of 12 suspects homes and offices in the cities around Turkey.

HURRIYET quoted Erdogan as asking: "What would you say to one who wiretapped your bedroom?" ZAMAN reported: "PM Erdogan slams judiciary for releases in bugging probe." The daily said Erdogan's former chief bodyguard Mehmet Yuksel was among 11 suspects who were detained last week.

Some newspapers covered Libyan renegade general Khalifa Haftar's accusations that Turkey supports terrorism and his demand that Turks leave eastern Libya.

YENI SAFAK said: "Haftar gives 48 hours to Turkish nationals," adding that Haftar threatened those remaining after the deadline with arrest.

"48 hours for Turks," HABER TURK reported, adding Haftar claimed to have information that Qatari and Turkish nationals are operating in the region as spies.

Daily newspapers also covered U.S. actress Jessica Alba's appearance in Turkey. "Jessica applies henna," said MILLIYET.

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