The main issue dominating Turkish press Monday is Turkish President Abdullah Gul's confirmation Sunday that he will not re-run for a second term as president. A fire that destroyed five hotels in the Mediterranean resort of Adrasan in Antalya province and the arrest of a man shot by police when attempting to remove a Turkish flag from a police station in Istanbul on Saturday were also covered.


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The announcement that incumbent Turkish President Abdullah Gul will not run for a second term dominates the Turkish press Monday. The news came after he had a 45-minute meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Huber Palace in Istanbul on Sunday. Gul said that he will serve till his duties officially finish on August 28.

"I won't re-run" is the headline in both the daily HURRIYET and daily SABAH. HURRIYET reports that Gul deflected a question about whether he would consider the job of the prime minister, saying that it would be discussed later on. The paper also claims the subject was not on the agenda of Gul-Erdogan meeting.

SABAH quotes Gul AS saying that Erdogan was informed of his decision not to re-run before the March 30 local elections. The paper also says that the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party will officially announce its candidate for the presidential elections on Tuesday.

Turkey's ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party will officially announce its candidate for the presidential elections on Tuesday.

Daily MILLIYET goes with the headline "Gul has not closed the door" and claims that some members of the AK Party are pressurizing him to stand for the prime minister. This is the reason why Gul is leaving his options open, the paper claims.

The dailies also cover the fire that destroyed five hotels in the coastal resort of Adrasan near the Mediterranean province of Antalya.

Daily YENI SAFAK says the fire, which destroyed 125 hectares of redwood and fruit gardens, four hotels, a gift shop and a restaurant, was contained the blaze early Sunday.

"Paradise reduced to ashes in 18 hours" laments the daily MILLIYET, which claims that a picnic fire not properly extinguished was the cause of the fire. Fire crews took 18 hours to fight the blaze, the paper claims.

Some dailies cover the arrest of 28 year-old Ali Uckun on Sunday for attempting to pull down a Turkish national flag from the mast of a police station in Istanbul's Gaziosmanpasa district Saturday. The man had managed to pull down one flag and was shot while trying to take down another. He was taken to hospital after a police officer shot him in the leg. Daily HURRIYET also covers the story by quoting the man's brother Sadettin Uckun as saying, "Ali has a medical report saying that he suffers from schizophrenia." Uckun came to the court barefoot and did not plead, the paper says.  

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