Turkish dailies on Monday covered the fallout from Sunday's general election


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Monday's dailies mainly covered the 25th general election results in which Turkey's Justice and Development (AK) Party couldn't gain the majority needed to form a government while the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) passed the 10 percent electoral threshold.

"Three scenarios" was HURRIYET’s front-page headline, reporting that no single party gained enough deputies to form a government.

According to unofficial results, the AK Party, which came to power in 2002 and won back-to-back elections in 2007 and 2011, secured 40.86 percent of the vote giving the party 258 seats, 18 short of the number needed to form a government with a simple majority.

The second-placed Republican People’s Party (CHP) secured 25.00 percent of vote to take 132 seats while the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) gained 16.29 percent to gain 80 seats and HDP won 13.12 percent of the vote to take 80 seats.

According to HURRIYET's scenarios, partial results from the election mean the AK Party will need to form a coalition government or choose to establish a minority government.

Another scenario would see Turkey face fresh elections if it fails to form a government within 45 days.

TURKIYE wrote: "The coalition era," reporting that the current political picture brought coalitions back after 13 years.

However, speaking after the unofficial election results, MHP leader Devlet Bahceli ruled out being coalition partner but was ready to be the main opposition party to a possible AK Party - CHP - HDP coalition.

Similarly, the HDP and CHP dismissed any coalition bid with the AK Party.

"We will not form any coalition [government], whether inside or outside, with the AK party," HDP co-chairman Selahattin Demirtas said in a statement on Sunday night.

MILLIYET ran with the headline: "New Process," giving emerging details of the general election. According to the daily, the current political picture showed a major change in the Turkish parliament.

With the latest election results, Turkey's parliament sees rise in number of women deputies, increasing from 79 in 2011 to 96 in 2015, MILLIYET wrote.

The paper also said that three members of the Armenian minority, Karabet Paylan from the HDP, Markar Esayan from the AK Party, and Selina Dogan Ozuzun from the CHP, were elected.

"Here New Turkey" was CUMHURIYET's headline, announcing the HDP as the winner of the election. The paper also claimed that the results meant that the Turkish people's support to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan dropped.

"We respect the [people's] decision" read VATAN's front page, citing the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu speaking during a traditional late-night post-election balcony speech at the AK Party headquarters in Ankara.

"AK Party, the backbone of Turkish nation, will be on duty to ensure continuation of the state and welfare of the homeland," he said.

According to the daily, as the oldest deputy, former CHP opposition leader Deniz Baykal would be the speaker of the new parliament.

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