On Thursday, Turkish dailies mainly cover Wednesday's court order lifting the block on access to Twitter, controversies around an alleged sex tape of former opposition leader, and the electoral campaign rallies of political leaders


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Turkish dailies on Thursday mainly cover a Turkish court order lifting the block on access to Twitter, a four-year-old sex tape scandal of former opposition leader Deniz Baykal and electoral campaign meetings of political leaders.

A Turkish court ordered lifting the block on Twitter on Wednesday that was imposed last week.

The country's telecommunications regulator, TIB, is obliged to implement the decision within 30 days.

“Immediately or within one month?” the frontpage of daily AKSAM asks regarding the Twitter block to be lifted in Turkey in accordance with the Turkish court order. Some lawyers argue that the Twitter block must be lifted immediately whereas others say that the social network must be opened within 30 days.

Turkey blocked access to the popular microblogging site Twitter a week ago after a court issued an order demanding that the website remove tweets containing certain links. Turkish officials said that Twitter's management ignored calls to remove the tweets and have described the move as a temporary measure, not a ban.

YENI SAFAK says that Twitter closed three accounts in accordance with the Turkish courts previous orders. Meanwhile, RADIKAL quotes the company saying “we have not given any IP address of Twitter users”.

Daily HURRIYET quotes Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc as saying that “the government will obey the order."

HABERTURK under the headline “Baykal cassette quake” quotes prominent politicians speaking about an alleged sex tape which forced Deniz Baykal - former chairman of the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) - to resign four years ago.

“This cannot be covered,” the daily quoted Baykal as saying, whereas incumbent CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu evaluated it as a “Watergate version,” accusing the Prime Minister of having a role in the leakage of the tape. Responding to the accusations, PM Erdogan said in an election campaign meeting that “It was a montage. I was the one who removed that sex tape from the Internet”.

All Turkish dailies also cover the electoral campaign meetings of Turkish political leaders ahead of the March 30th scheduled local elections.

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