Turkish dailies covered release of Turkish civil servants kidnapped by PKK, Turkish President Gul's statements about resolution process and newly elected leader of Catholic world.


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All of the Turkish dailies covered the release of Turkish civil servants kidnapped by terror organization PKK. "Return after 19 months" headlined daily MILLIYET and added, 8 civil servants returned their homes on Wednesday without any provocations taking place. The daily said, their release was one of the most important hairpin turns of the resolution process. "Returned their home" daily CUMHURIYET and noted that public servants who were released and returned to Turkey had emotional moments when they re-united with their family members.

Turkish dailies also covered the statements of Turkish President Abdullah Gul about the laying down arms of PKK terrorist organization. Daily ZAMAN headlined, "If the organization lay down arms, passing into reform politics will be easier," and published that Gul spoke to journalists during his state visit to Sweden on Wednesday. The paper quoted Turkey's president as saying, "If the violence stops, transition from security politics into reformative politics will ease. Everybody needs to appreciate it and hopefully the results will be good." Moreover, daily TURKIYE quoted Gul and headlined his comments over the release of public servants, "They (PKK) understood that they get no results by using arms."

"Pope to Vatican from Tango land" daily HURRIYET and covered the highlights from the elections took place in Vatican City on Wednesday. 76 Years old, Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio became the new leader of the Catholic world on Wednesday. 266th Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina adopted name "Francis".



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