Turkish dailies covered the attacks on the ruling AK Party and Justice Ministry buildings, Turkish PM's statements in regards to the AK Party and Justice Ministry buildings attacks, US President Obama's Israel visit and final preparations ahead Nowruz Festival.


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All of the Turkish dailies covered Tuesday night's concurrent attacks on the headquarters of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party and Turkish Ministry of Justice building in the Turkish capital of Ankara. "Assailants are from DHKP-C's bombing team", headlined daily YENI SAFAK and said, DHKP-C claimed the responsibility for both attacks on Wednesday. More, the daily said, the identity of the AK Party assailant was found out via the assailant's finger prints and the bag which was left by the terrorist at the scene. YENI SAFAK added, identity of the Justice Ministry's attacker was revealed through security cameras.

Moreover, most of the Turkish dailies covered the statements of Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in regards to the concurrent attacks. Erdogan who is in Denmark on a formal visit assessed the attacks there. "Ergenekon related" headlined daily MILLIYET and quoted Turkish PM Erdogan as saying, "Another dimension of the incident is that it is Ergenekon related. Similar things occurred in the past." Daily ZAMAN headlined, "Attacks are Ergenekon related" by quoting the words of Turkish prime minister.

Turkish dailies also covered the Israel visit of US President Barack Obama. Daily CUMHURIYET headlined, "Is he going to patch up-" The daily said Turkey was on the agenda of visit and quoted Obama as saying "US is proud to be the strongest ally of Israel".

Nowruz Festival is covered by all dailies. Daily SABAH headlined "Nowruz fire to burn for peace" saying that Turkey will open up a new page at this critical crossroads of peace process, adding that police, intelligence officers and 5,000 Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) members would work in cooperation against possible provocations. Daily VATAN headlined "Two languages, one aim" saying that all eyes are on Diyarbakir, southeastern province of Turkey, where the message of jailed head of terrorist organization Abdullah Ocalan will be delivered in both Turkish and Kurdish. The message is expected to start the process of terrorist organization's laying down arms.



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