Turkish dailies covered the demonstrations in Greek Cypriot side over bailout plan, operation against organization DHKP-C in Ankara for concurrent attacks on the AK Party HQ and Turkish Ministry of Justice building and promises of Israel after apology to Turkey.


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All of the Turkish dailies covered the demonstrations from Greek Cypriot side over a bailout plan. Daily ZAMAN covered the photo of a child holding a banner saying, "Cyprus is not for sale" at a demonstration for the bailout. A group of pupils held a march to demonstrate bailout on Independence Day in Limassol city. The daily said, Greek Cypriot administration needed 17 billion Euros to escape from bankruptcy immediately and now agreed with the EU and IMF delegation on a new bailout plan and headlined, "Greek Cypriots escape from bankruptcy". Moreover, daily VATAN said, the money of Greek Cypriots have gone perish and added, in return for their financial help, EU seized one third of their money in the Greek Cypriot banks and now Italy and Spain are having the fear of "when their turn will come."

Some of the Turkish dailies covered the air-backed operations of Turkish police to 21 different addresses in Ankara following week ago's concurrent attacks on the headquarters of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party and Turkish Ministry of Justice building. Turkish police teams held operations in 21 addresses backed by a chopper. Daily MILLIYET said, "A Sikorsky chopper was ordered to land in the backyard of a high school and teams searched in the area where assailants are claimed to have been residing. Assailants hurled Tuesday night two hand grenades at Turkey's Justice Ministry building, slightly wounding one woman, and in a separate attack within minutes apart, a LAW rocket was fired on the headquarters of AK Party on March 19.

Turkish dailies also covered Israel's fulfilling its promises after their apology to Turkey. Daily TURKIYE said, "First step is taken for embargo" and added that Israel began permitting the entry of needed materials into Gaza after Israel apologized to Turkey over the Mavi Marmara raid of May 2010 which had left nine Turks dead. The daily said that Israel promised to change its embargo policy on Gaza and permitted the entry of needed materials now. Furthermore, daily YENI SAFAK headlined, "The promise of speed-of-light for the hospital", and added that Tel Aviv lifted all blocks on Turkey to build a hospital in Gaza in just one day and the construction will continue.



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