Turkish dailies covered Thursday the May Day demonstrations in Istanbul, a picnic trip of teachers turning tragedy, and second leg game of semi-final of UEFA between Fenerbahce and Portugal's Benfica.


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All the dailies covered the May Day clashes in Istanbul. Daily HURRIYET published "Festival turns sour", with 28 civilians and 22 police officers left injured and 73 were taken into custody. Daily MILLIYET headlined "Gas and Tears, the summary of May Day in Istanbul", saying many were injured during protests where tear gas and cannon water used lavishly. Daily RADIKAL asked "Why-", comparing and contrasting the happenings on May 1 in the last four years. Daily VATAN pointed out the difference from the last May 1 celebrations with the headline "Two steps forward, one step back", saying "May 1 festival, which was celebrated joyously in the last two years, fell victim to a "showdown".           

Picnic ends with tragedy          

Most of the Turkish dailies covered the trip of a group of teachers which ended with tragedy. A midibus carrying the teachers and their families who went to picnic in Kahyali town of Kayseri province in central Anatolia plunged into a dam leaving 8 dead and 24 injured. Daily TURKIYE said "Tragedy on the way to picnic" adding that two mothers jumped into the lake to save their children also lost their lives.           

Fenerbahce on their way to final          

Turkish dailies also covered the second leg game of semi-final of UEFA Europa League between Turkey's Fenerbahce and Portugal's Benfica in Lisbon. "90 minutes to Amsterdam" said HURRIYET adding that even draw will carry Fenerbahce to final. Daily MILLIYET said it would be one of the most critical games of Fenerbahce in their history. The game will kick off at 22:05 p.m. Turkish time.      



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