Turkish dailies on Wednesday covered news on a war of words over claims that the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party has kidnapped children in its ranks, the shooting dead of a Turkish Airlines security chief in Somalia and allegations that some emergency roads in Istanbul – designed to offer shelter during an earthquake – have been turned into car parks.


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Most dailies on Wednesday dedicated their front pages to news about Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s comments on over 100 children allegedly kidnaped by the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

The PKK has recently been accused by several families of kidnapping their children and recruiting them into the armed organization. The group has refuted the allegation and has denied that under-18s are involved in any conflict against the Turkish army. Family members of the children have been staging a sit-down protest for nine days in front of Diyarbakir city hall in Turkey’s southeastern province.

VATAN quoted Erdogan demanding the children be returned home. The newspaper reported that Erdogan called on the Peace and Democracy Party and the People’s Democratic Party, two pro-Kurdish parties, to bring the children back home. Erdogan also added that the world media was “insensitive” about the issue.

Daily AKSAM headlined “The children are drugged and kidnaped.” The daily claims that a group of PKK members opposed to the peace process between Ankara and the rebel group is responsible, adding that they were given drugs and ended up in a camp in the Kandil mountains in northern Iraq. The newspaper claims that 134 children have been kidnapped in the last three months and interviewed some children who were apparently kidnapped and managed to escape.

Daily HABERTURK said that Erdogan’s remarks gave a hope to families protesting in front of the city hall in Diyarbakir. The number of such families has increased to 12, the daily reported.

Turkish dailies also covered the shooting dead of Turkish Airlines’ head of security in the Somali capital Mogadishu on Tuesday.

HABERTURK described 42-year-old Saadettin Dogan as a Turkish war veteran from a 1995 dispute between Turkey and Greece over disputed Aegean territory.

“Kardak hero was killed in Somalia,” headlined daily SABAH. The newspaper reported that Dogan was attacked by unidentified person or persons.

And finally daily HURRIYET ran a story claiming that some emergency roads in Istanbul – designed to be safe spaces from people fleeing buildings during one of Turkey’s regular earthquakes – have been turned into car parks.

The daily said that Istanbul registered 562 streets as ‘first degree emergency roads’ after a 1999 earthquake which killed more than 17,000 people nationwide and left nearly 600,000 homeless.

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