Turkish dailies on Thursday covered groundbreaking ceremony for third bridge in Istanbul, resignation of of Fenerbahce coach, reveal of new details about May 11 Reyhanli blasts, and allegations over US president's plan about a no-fly zone in Syria.

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Turkish dailies on Thursday covered groundbreaking ceremony for the third bridge in Istanbul, resignation of Fenerbahce football team's coach Aykut Kocaman, reveal of new details about May 11 Reyhanli blasts, and the allegations over US President Barack Obama's plan about a no-fly zone in Syria.

All Turkish dailies on Thursday covered groundbreaking ceremony for the third bridge in Istanbul to connect Garipce district on the European side with Poyrazkoy neighborhood in Beykoz district on the Asian side, proposed to ease İstanbul's traffic. Daily MILLIYET headlined "Another Sultan in Bosphorus", publishing that the bridge was named after Yavuz Sultan Selim,  the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1512 to 1520 and the grandchild of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Istanbul's conquerer. Daily SABAH headlined "Conclude in 2 Years" and quoted Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as saying, "I convinced the constructor firm to open it on May 29, 2015," and "the project projected to cost $ 3 billion will shine as a source of pride for Turkey." Daily RADIKAL titled "The longest draw bridge of the world", saying that being 1875 metres long brigde is the longest in the world, as well as being the largest and highest in Turkey. Daily STAR headlined "Second Sultan of Bosphorus" and pubslished that the groundbreaking ceremony for the bridge was held on the 560th anniversary of Istanbul's conquest. Daily VATAN published "Grandchild Yavuz beside Fatih".

Fenerbahce coach resigns

Daily MILLIYET headlined "Aykut Kocaman quits! Earthquake!" publishing that the Turkish football circles were shocked by the resignation of Fenerbahce coach, and added, Kocaman has previously resigned twice but the board and players persuaded the Turkish coach to remain in his post. Daily VATAN headlined "Arda is behind the resignation", showing Kocaman's demand for transfer of Turkish footballer playing in Athletico Madrid Arda Turan to Fenerbahce as the reason behind his resignation. Daily HABERTURK headlined "2 candidates to replace Kocaman", and published that Mustafa Denizli,  who currently serves as coach of Super League newcomers Caykur Rizespor, and Ersun Yanal, coach of Super League team Eskisehirspor, were the two possible names to replace Kocaman.

More details revealed on Reyhanli

Daily TARAF headlined "Time for paying price for Reyhanli", and published, it was revealed that Turkish intelligence behaved ignorant in dealing with the information presented by the police. Daily MILLIYET published, important details ara being revealed about May 11 Reyhanli blasts, killing 52. It further says, "According to information gathered by Milliyet, on May 9, Hatay Police Department recieved a tip-off regarding the blasts, however the attacks came 17 hours after the tip-off, while the police were working to prevent them. Daily VATAN gave place to a fresh threat in Reyhanli and headlined "Twin Dangers", publishing that a fresh tip-off sent to police claiming that same type vehicles with the ones used in Reyhanli blasts entered the town to conduct another series of attacks, putting the police and border patrols on full alert.

Obama alleged to order no-fly zone in Syria 

Daily YENI SAFAK headlined "Practice for Syria" and published that US President Barack Obama gave Pentagon the order to prepare for making up a no-fly zone in Syria, in which Britain and France will also participate, referring to the American website The Daily Beast's news. Daily MILLIYET titled "Tension spreads over the US", quoting Obama as saying, "It is a mistake to prevent Syria's political transition," in response to Russia's decision to supply the Assad regime with S-300 missiles. Daily STAR titled "Order for no-fly zone in Syria" and published that Obama, for the first time since the outbreak of Syria conflict, gave authority to chief of General Staff.

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