Turkish dailies covered Monday Galatasaray being champion at the Super League, statements of Erdogan on efforts regarding shortening the military service period, Israel bombing Syria, and top tax payers of 2012.


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All of the dailies covered the Super League championship of Turkish soccer team Galatasaray. Daily STAR headlined "Champion Galatasaray" saying that two weeks ahead of the league to end, Galatasaray declared its championship with 10 points gap. Daily ZAMAN published "Happy end for lions" adding that it was the 19th championship of the team. The celebration will take place at the last week of the league. Daily MILLIYET headlined "Congratulations Champion".

A signal of shortening military service period

Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the government was working on shortening the military service period. Daily STAR headlined "Military service is getting shorter" saying that short term would be 4 months instead of 6 and long term would be 10-12 months instead of 15 months. The practice is expected to start at the end of 2013. Daily said it is the first outcome of the solution process, and quoted Erdogan saying "no plans for paid military service".

Israel bombed Syria

Most of the dailies covered Israel's bombing Syria. Daily YENI SAFAK published "War bomb to Damascus" and said that "transforming the crisis in Syria to an opportunity, Israel bombed Damascus". It was the second bombing in four days and Syrian government said the bombing opened the door for every possibility and they would consider it "casus belli". Daily SABAH said the planes bombed a research center in northern Damascus and the bombardment caused tremors throughout the city.

Koc family break records

Turkish dailies covered the top tax payers of Turkey for 2012. Daily CUMHURIYET said "Koc family break records" adding that Semahat Sevim Arsel of Koc family became the front-runner with 26 million TL. Four other Koc family members (Rahmi Koc, Suna Kirac, Mustafa Koc and Omer Koc) followed her. Acun Ilicali and Cem Yilmaz were the only names in top 100 from the entertainment world. Daily TARAF said 35 of top 100 top tax payers remained confidential, it was 27 in 2011.

Kidnapped Lebanese citizens will be freed with the initiative of Turkey's intelligence

Some dailies covered Turkey's National Intelligence Service (MIT) rescuing kidnapped Lebanese citizens in Syria. Daily YENI SAFAK said "MIT rescued hostages" saying that 9 Lebanese citizens will be freed with the initiative of MIT soon. A total of 11 Lebanese citizens were kidnapped last year in Syria.


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