Turkish dailies cover on Friday four headscarved deputies in Parliament, Istanbul's Sisli Mayor Mustafa Sarigul's return to Turkey's main opposition party CHP to run for Istanbul mayor.

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Turkish dailies on Friday cover four headscarved deputies in Parliament for the first time, Istanbul's Sisli Mayor Mustafa Sarigul's return to Turkey's main opposition Republican People's  Party (CHP) to run for Istanbul mayor.

"Day of Women" daily Haber Turk headlines and says historic day in Parliament. Four female MPs of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party entered Parliament where 14 years ago Merve Kavakci, a former MP, had to leave due to her headscarf. MPs from the opposition supported their headscarved counterparts saying "Men must not interfere in what women wear". 

The daily also covers Sisli Mayor Mustafa Sarigul's return to CHP ahead of municipal elections set for March 2014. The daily reports the first step was taken to let Mustafa Sarigul return to CHP after 8 years. Sarigul had an emotional moment when CHP Deputy Chairman announced his return to the party.

Daily Cumhuriyet headlines "Hypocrite freedom" and says those who imprison eight MPs due to political lawsuits, those who interfere in how long the skirts women wear, those who make women redundant because of their decolletage, let headscarves into the Parliament. CHP's Savak Pavey, who has a prosthetic leg, teaches a lesson, the daily says. Pavey blames the ruling party for gender and religion discrimination as she is prevented from wearing trousers due to internal regulations of parliament. 

The daily also covers Sarigul's return to CHP and quotes CHP's Deputy Chairman Adnan Keskin as saying to Sarigul " Welcome back home".

Daily Radikal headlines " Women teach a lesson" and says headscarved MPs got full support in Parliament.  Women deputies said "Stop making politics over women." 

Daily Aksam  says "Historic Parliament" and reports taboos have been broken in Turkey and headscarved deputies are in Parliament. 

The daily reports Turkish Parliament had a historic day yesterday. For the first time four women MPs attend Parliament in veils. Unlike former headscarved MP Merve Kavakci who was forced to leave parliament, there was no political tension and the messages given by women MPs hit the headlines. 

The daily also covers  allegations of US's National Security Agency (NSA) spying on Germany and says German Chancellor Angela Merkel declares cyber war against the USA. Germany makes a move and will spend a large amount of money to start a cyber war against the US. 

Daily Yenisafak also covers women MPs in veils in Parliament and headlines "This victory belongs to nation". The daily quotes several female deputies who took the floor and delivered speeches in Parliament. The daily quotes AK's Party's Nurcan Dalbudak as saying "the beginning of a new era"  and Sevda Beyazit Kacar from the ruling party as saying "This is a beautiful atmosphere for Turkey".

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