Turkish dailies debate Prime Minister Erdogan's use of the word "Kurdistan", the twin bombings that rocked Lebanese capital Beirut, and Turkish national football team's promising performance


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Turkish dailies cover on Wednesday Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's use of word Kurdistan when he was introducing Iraqi Kurd leader Masoud Barzani. After reactions to his expression Erdogan raise the issue yesterday when he adressed to Ak Party deputies in the parliament. Erdogan reminded Turkey's east and southeast was described Kurdistan during the liberation movement and first parliament.

Daily Haberturk's headline says "'Was the First Parliament Separatist?'" The daily quotes Erdogan's response to criticism against his use of the name Kurdistan: "Let them go back 90 years and read the Parliament proceedings. They will see the words Kurd and Kurdistan there. Was Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk) a separatist? Were the parliamentarians?”

The dailies also cover Erdogan's explanation for his remarks on PKK terrorists.

During an event on Saturday to boost the 'solution process,' aimed at ending terrorism and addressing the Kurdish issue in Turkey, Erdogan said, “You will see that those in the mountains will come down, those imprisoned will be free." His remarks triggered a public debate as to whether he might be suggesting a general amnesty for PKK terrorists.

Daily Milliyet's headline says "I Shared My Dream," quoting Erdogan as saying his remarks were telling a dream rather than a decision.

Turkish dailies cover the twin bombings on Tuesday which targeted the Iranian Embassy in Lebanese capital Beirut, killing 32 people including an Iranian cultural attache.

Daily Sabah headlines "Syria Fire Burns Lebanon," saying that the attack was claimed by the Azzam Brigade, an Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group which said that attacks would continue until Lebanese group Hezbollah leaves Syria. Iran is a major supporter of Hezbollah.

Turkish dailies also cover the Turkish national football team's 2-1 victory on Tuesday against Belarus in a friendly game.

Daily Bugun says the team's recent performance is promising for the future. The Crescent-Stars triumphed in another friendly against Northern Ireland last week.

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