Major events covered in Turkish dailies on Wednesday.


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Turkish dailies cover the announcement of Justice and Development (AK) Party's candidates for mayoral elections in 5 metropolitan cities and 5 other provinces, Turkish education minister's meeting with representatives of private after-school tuition centers (dershanes) and the vote for EXPO 2020 which will held in Paris.

Daily AKSAM's headline was "Keep going with Gokcek in Ankara", reporting that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday released AK Party's candidates for mayoral race for 10 provinces in local elections planned to be held on March 30, 2014. Erdogan announced the candidates for provinces of Konya, Eskisehir, Bartin, Amasya, Kayseri, Kahramanmaras, Gumushane, Kirsehir, Afyon and Ankara during the group meeting on Tuesday. For metropolitan city of Ankara which is widely mentioned on the frontpages of Turkish dailies, the incumbent mayor Melih Gokcek will seek re-election as mayor in Ankara, said the daily.

Daily AKIT's title on the frontpage was "No surprise among candidates" and said there were not surprise names among the released candidates. Ankara Mayor Gokcek is candidate for mayoral post for the fifth time whereas Kayseri Mayor Mehmet Ozhaseki is for the fourth time, according to the daily.

Turkish dailies also cover Turkish Education Minister Nabi Avci's meeting with representatives of private after-school tuition centers (dershanes) over the ongoing transformation issue of dershanes.

"Yes for transformation from Dershanes" was the title of daily SABAH publishing a full agreement had been reached at the minister's meeting with leading representatives of dershanes on Tuesday. Turkey's leading private institutions demanded transformation of open high schools into academic high schools and also 20 hour courses to be taught in a week. The daily said the minister was convinced with the demands of the representatives.

Daily YENI SAFAK titled "55% affirmative to transformation" publishing that the criticisms saying the news that government did not meet with representatives of dershanes did not reflect the truth and added the Turkish education ministry had a survey with representatives of 3,830 dershanes in 2012 and 55% of them said yes to the transformation.

"Academic one instead of open high school" took place at the front page of daily TURKIYE saying dershane representatives offered academic high school formula instead of open high school proposal given by the government. The education minister found the formula rational, added the daily.

A ballot will be held in the capital Paris of France for election of a host city for EXPO 2020 on Wednesday during which four cities, Turkey’s Izmir, Russia’s Ekaterinburg, the UAE’s Dubai and Brazil’s Sao Paulo, will compete.

Daily STAR headlined "Judgment day for Izmir for EXPO 2020" saying Izmir's fate will become obvious today which has been preparing to be a world brand. Izmir will attend the ballot with theme of "Health for everyone" and delegates of 167 countries will give the decision.

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