Turkish government's motion for military action against ISIL is extensively covered by Turkish dailies on Wednesday.


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Turkish government's motion for potential military action against ISIL, both in Iraq and in Syria, is covered in all Turkish dailies on Wednesday.

The motion was announced late Tuesday by Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc.

"Full authority" is the headline in VATAN. The paper says the motion will give extensive authority to the government to ward off possible attacks against Turkey by all terrorist groups in the region. It is the most comprehensive motion of Turkish history, the paper claims.

The motion, which is to last for a period of one year, includes a mandate for the government to send Turkish Armed Forces to foreign countries, for instance Iraq or Syria, if necessary, YENI SAFAK reports.

The paper also covers the justification for the motion which reads, "There has been a serious increase of risks and threats along Turkey's southern land borders, threatening our national security, due to recent developments in the region."

STAR headlines "One motion, four threats" saying the motion included a joint resolution against four threats in the region:

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL; radical armed groups in the region; the terrorists elements of PKK; and the Assad regime.

The Assad regime has been accused of collusion with the Islamic State, MILLIYET claims.

The daily also says that the motion, if ratified by the parliament, will authorize the Turkish government to allow the deployment of foreign troops on Turkish soil.

Turkish parliament will discuss the motion during a special session on Thursday.

However, Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) is already determined to say "No" to the motion, CUMHURIYET claims that the party will reject the motion because Turkey wants to establish a no-fly zone over Syrian air space and safe zones inside Syria to guarantee the security of Turkey's borders.

The paper also reported on the increasing security risks around the tomb of Suleiman Shah, the only sovereign Turkish territory inside Syria. Suleyman Shah was the grandfather of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

ISIL is getting very close to the tomb, the paper quoted deputy PM Arinc who also said Turkish soldiers are alert to any potential attack.

In other news, several dailies also covered that

The rise of 9 percent for Turkish electricity and gas bills next month is also covered by the dailies.

Turkey's energy minister Taner Yildiz announced on Tuesday that the strength of the dollar made next month's price hike inevitable, HURRIYET reports.

"But Turkish consumers currently pay lowest prices for gas among EU countries," the paper cited the minister saying.

HABER TURK also quotes Yildiz saying one of the reasons for the increase is that the state has had to make up losses it incurred with the strength of the dollar to the lira in the last few months.

The state buys energy in dollars and sells in Turkish lira. If the value of the dollar rises then the government has to make up the difference with a price hike.

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