On Thursday, Turkish dailies cover judiciary decision of the coup plot case dubbed as "the Sledgehammer", Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan's statement on measures to cut credit card spending, and the step for changing the names of places in accordance with democratization package.

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On Thursday, Turkish dailies covered the Supreme Court of Appeals' approval for the sentence of 237 military officers in the coup plot case dubbed as "Sledgehammer" while overturning the convictions of 88 officers, Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan's remarks on limiting the installments of credit cards, the submission of legislative proposal to the Assembly for changing the name of Aydinlar village to Tillo and Nevsehir University to Haci Bektas-i Veli within the scope of the democratization package.

Daily VATAN headlined "237 approval 88 released," noting that the Supreme Court of Appeals found 237 of indictees guilty, 124 not guilty and released 88 in the coup plot case dubbed as "Sledgehammer." The daily also published photos of three convicts Cetin Dogan, Ozden Ornek, Ibrahim Firtina. and referred to the Court's designation of Cetin Dogan as "the leader of the junta." MILLIYET daily also covered the same issue with "Historical Interpretation" as the headline, stressing that the higher court did not seek concrete acts in a coup crime and mentioning the court's unanimous decision. The daily also cited Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan's remarks "Process is not over, we will follow the case." Daily RADIKAL covered the verdict of conviction as well, and headlined as "Supreme court says 'junta.'" Daily ZAMAN headlined the decision as "They compose a junta to make a coup" by noting that the Court had the final word. Daily STAR noted the sentence sets a precedent for the February 28 coup case. Daily YENİ SAFAK stressed "parallel military is composed" as a headline, mentioning that the Supreme Court's 9th Criminal Division tried a coup suit for the first time in its history.

Cash-installment balance

Daily BUGUN headlined "Brake is coming for installment debt" alongside Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan's remarks that credit card debt jumped to TRY 48 billion last month and that "There is no other example of this in the world." HABERTURK daily covered the installments on credit cards as "Limitation to credit cards" by explaining that there will be a cut in using credit cards for cars, home appliances, furniture and cellphones. increasing the current deficit. Daily TURKIYE also published Babacan's remarks as "Cash measure for sale by installment," noting that a regulation for spending according to income is on the way.

Changing the name of Aydinlar village and Nevsehir University

Daily STAR, on its front page, handled the changing of the names of places with historic names as the first step in realizing the democratization package. Daily ZAMAN also covered the issue as "Legislative proposal was submitted, Tillo regains its name," indicating that the democratization package was brought into force by changing the name of Aydinlar (given in 1958) to Tillo, while renaming Nevsehir University as Haci Bektasi Veli.

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