Turkish dailies cover Tuesday investigation into suicide bombings that killed more than 100 people in Ankara on Oct. 10


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Turkish newspapers on Tuesday mainly covered the investigation into the twin explosions that killed 102 people at a peace rally in Ankara on Oct. 10.

“Here is the second suicide bomber,” was MILLIYET’s headline, featuring a police sketch of one of the two suspected suicide bombers.

Citing police sources, MILLIYET claimed that the suspect, who was in his thirties and spoke Arabic, is believed to come from a foreign country. It was not specified which. Turkish police are still trying to identify suspect, they added.

On Monday, the Chief Public Prosecutor's office in Ankara had identified the other suicide bomber as Yunus Emre Alagoz, a Turkish national. 

The prosecutor’s office said Alagoz had come to Turkey from Syria but did provide a specific date.

HABER TURK claimed that the prosecutor’s office confirmed the identity of one of the bombers “thanks to brown shoes” which were found at the site in Ankara after the explosions.

According to the daily, focusing on the shoes, Turkish police determined, thanks to security cameras, how the suspects came to the site and how they set out from Turkey’s southeastern province of Gaziantep to come to Ankara.

The daily claimed that the driver, who brought the two suspects to site of the blast in Ankara, is believed to have crossed to Syria.

VATAN wrote that police found 10 suicide belts in a sleeper cell hideout in Gaziantep.

CUMHURIYET’s headline was “Armory was found in Gaziantep”, reporting that police also seized 2,500 kg of ammonium nitrate -- a chemical compound used in certain explosives --, 3,683 bullets, 60 kg of TNT, 25 hand grenades and six Kalashnikovs.

Turkish newspapers also covered the “mysterious” death of a British journalist who formerly worked for BBC and the UN.

The British citizen, Jacqueline Anne Sutton, 50, who was heading to Erbil in northern Iraq from London, hanged herself in Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport late Saturday, according to security officials. 

According to Turkish media, she was found dead by three Russian nationals in the restroom in the airport's international transit terminal.

Sutton had reportedly missed her connecting Turkish Airlines flight to Erbil and according to local media, citing Istanbul police, was at pains to purchase another ticket.

“Mysterious death,” was VATAN’s headline, reporting that Sutton was carrying 2,300 euros ($2,612). A ticket to Erbil amounted to 350 euros ($397).

The newspaper claimed that Sutton said in a previous interview that she was concerned about being a target of ISIL militants.

“Terrible suspicion,” was HURRIYET’s headline, reporting that some of Sutton’s friends said she was not someone who would commit suicide.

“How Jacky died,” was MILLIYET’s headline, while AKSAM wrote “Mysterious death on the road to Erbil”.

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