PM Erdogan's remarks on construction projects, Galatasaray's must-win game in Champions League, renewed accession talks between Turkey and EU, and an investigation into the murder of a brigadier general 20 years ago


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Turkish dailies on Wednesday cover Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's remarks regarding his government's commitment to investing in infrastructure.

Daily Hurriyet quotes Erdogan as saying on building roads, "If it got in the way, we would even tear down a mosque and build it somewhere else." Erdogan's mosque remark features on the front page of several newspapers.

Daily Milliyet says Erdogan's words come in reaction to criticism against a redevelopment project at Middle East Technical University in capital Ankara. The project includes a road construction through the campus, which means a portion of the woodsy area would have to be razed.

The last time a redevelopment project raised the ire of Turkish citizens was when the government moved in May to replace part of a leafy park at the heart of Istanbul with a mall. Gezi Park protests mushroomed into weeks-long anti-government demonstrations across the country.

Turkish dailies cover a Champions League faceoff between Galatasaray and Copenhagen. Daily Milliyet calls the game a "moment of truth," saying it is a critical hurdle for the Lions to hang on at the highest stage of European football.

Meanwhile, Daily Zaman reports that Turkish Football Federation has ruled an automatic 3-0 win for Galatasaray in a league derby last month against Besiktas. The game had been called off by the referee at the last minute when frustrated Black Eagle (Besiktas) fans invaded the pitch.

Turkish dailies cover renewed membership talks between Turkey and the European Union after the 28-member bloc has decided to open an accession chapter to negotiations, a first in three years.

Daily Aksam says Chapter 22 on regional policy will be opened officially with an intergovernmental conference in Brussels on Nov 5.

"Time to catch up!" the daily quotes Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius as saying in a twitter message that announces the move. Lithuania holds the EU rotating presidency since July.

Turkish dailies also cover a legal investigation into a murder case twenty years ago involving the assassination of Brigadier General Bahtiyar Aydin in the Lice district of the southeastern province of Diyarbakir and subsequent clashes there that left 15 more people dead, dozens injured and hundreds of residences in ruins.

Daily Taraf headlines "The army carried out the Lice massacre", saying the court now considers the military's hand in Aydin's murder and the ensuing violence, blamed at the time on the PKK terrorist organization.

The prosecutor seeks life in jail for two officers, accusing them of "incitement to riot and murder."

The daily says the investigation into the events of Oct. 22, 1993 was completed a day before the case would become time-barred. The court says there is no evidence for PKK involvement.

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